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Colored cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths. Standard colors include Natural, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, tan and Yellow. DIFVAN Colored cable ties are the preferred option anytime distinguishing ties are needed for cable and wire bundling applications.


  1. 100% nylon Raw material:  Pure nylon makes colored cable ties excellect toghtness,100% Nylon PA 66–Reject PA6 Compound–Material certification can be provided
  2. Accurate Mold: accurate mold make cable ties hard to loose, smooth appearance, no burrs.
  3. Gurantee Enough Quantity: make enough quanqity in each bag, no less quantity per bag.
  4.  Strictly QC check: at least four times QC checking: raw material check, production check, packing check, overall before delivery check.
  5. Tensile Testing: Our tensile are higher then Standard Tensile–tensile tested more then three times during the production for each order
  6. Warranty Time: 2 years warranty time after order dispatched for the colored cable.


Colored Cable Ties

Red zip ties

Red zip ties are designed with rounded edges to provide easy handling and prevent snagging in tight spaces.

Red zip ties are made with UV resistant industrial strength Nylon-66,and This is a self-locking tie tape.

Green Zip Ties

Green zip tie made of industrial strength 6/6 nylon.

Multi-purpose zip ties for daily use, living room decoration, gardening fence, fake flower fastening, bicycles racing, hiking, outdoor use, bicycles, Christmas and party decorations.

White Zip Ties

White zip ties use pure new PA66 nylon material, fire rating 94V-2.

The wire zip ties operation temperature is -40℉~140℉ (-40℃~85℃). acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, safety and environmental protection.

Brown Zip Ties

Brown zip ties are self locking with a smooth finish on one side and grooved finish on the other side.

Cable ties also have round edges which save your hands from Abrasion. It is Flexible and very simple to use.


Blue Zip Ties

Blue zip ties uses Nylon-66 raw materials, Such materials are characterized by good insulation, non – toxic environmental protection, safe and durable and not easy to corrode to wear. Colored Cable ties can be very flexible with a patented Ratchet-Lock head and strong teeth.


Yellow Zip Ties

Durable single-use yellow zip ties are constructed with heat, UV, and fire resistant materials to ensure the best quality product.

Easy to use design with tapered rounded edges to provide easy handling and prevent snagging in tight spaces. Locks tight without stretching or slipping.

Grey Zip Ties

Grey zip ties  are commonly used for cable bundling and wire identification with operating temperature ranging from -40º to 85º C.

Colored Zip ties for indoor or in-wall cable bundling in UL94V-2 standards for low smoke production.

Pink Zip Ties

Pink zip ties adopt self-locking fastening design, pass the package line through the head, pull it to make wire ties neatly and orderly.

The smooth, rounded edges do not hunt hands and comfortable to use. this pink size will be your no.1 choice.

Purple Zip Ties

Purplr zip ties manufactured from UL recognized fire-resistant nylon material for durability – heat, and UV resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

Zip ties are anti-aging, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, and durability, can be used from -30℃ to 85℃ (static temperature).

Orange Zip Ties

Orange zip ties are made by virgin nylon 6/6.

Zip ties are able to withstand even the toughest weather conditions (temperature -40°F to +185°F). Each zip tie features a durable self-locking mechanism which doesn’t falter over time.

Tan Zip Ties

Tan zip ties for cable bundling and wire identification with operating temperature  from -40º to 85º C. Cable ties manufactured for indoor or in-wall cable bundling to meet UL94V-2 for low smoke production.

Sliver Zip Ties

Sliver zip ties has a unique self-locking mechanism that allows easy and quick operation.

You can use as exhaust wrap coated locking cable because of high-temperature tolerance, as well as wire clips.

Related Product

Adhesive Cable Tie Mount

Adhesive zip tie mounts are designed for attaching cable ties to a fixed surface and are commonly used in cleaning up wire bundle runs.

Sticky cable ties are available with a high tack adhesive backing for quick installation, or can be screw mounted via a center screw hole.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Cable ties tool is made of high quality high carbon steel, durable in use, the zip tie pliers can be operated simply and improve the efficiency of work greatly, it is so light that you can take it anywhere conveniently.

Cable Ties Tool

Cable tie tool is made of high quality high carbon steel, durable in use, the zip tie pliers can be operated simply and improve the efficiency of work greatly, it is so light that you can take it anywhere conveniently.

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Different Types Colored Zip Ties for Your Chosing:


  • Raw Material-100% Pure nylon from Dupont-Pure nylon can make the nylon cable ties last longer time without break no and color change.
  • 58 sets 50 tons high speed injection machines-ensure us in large production capacity, and larger capacity of the injection machines ensure the nylon cable ties in good quality
  • Accurate Mold-Better mold can make the nylon cable ties produced in low tempreture, and surface in smooth and nice appearances,no burs.
  • Tensile Test during production-three time checking in production, Each batch of nylon cable ties had been tested by our QC team at least three times, make sure all cable ties are in high tensile.
  • Insertion Test-double check the cable tie teeth-We do extra Insertion test for the nylon cable tie teeth to make sure each cable tie goes smoothly.
  • Moiture Test-Moiture test by professional tester, Because of the nylon materail, each nylon cable ties shoud absorb enough water to ensure teh cable ties can last longer time withour break.
  • Frozen Test-especialy for cold whether, if you’re in Russia, in some place where the tempreture is -40° in winter, this test will be a must for you.
  • Packing and Quantity check-make sure no less quantity and labeled well, We packed the cable ties in bags by measuring the weight, but also checked by pieces to make sure enought quantity in each bag. also checking the label per your design as well.

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DIFVAN : Your Best Colored Zip Ties Manufacturer

colored cable tie

DIFVAN Colored zip ties are the best choice and cost-efficient option especially for organizing and bundling for much easier distinguishedness.

The colored zip ties can be in different colors like natural, black, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, pink, grey, green, and blue in traditional colors. Yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue are also available for neon colors for more aesthetics.

Coloured cable ties are used for bundling, securing, and organizing objects together. It is commonly used for electrical cables and wires.

The coloured zip tie is used by wrapping the length of the zip tie around the cables, wires, or any other things you want to bind together.


  • Coloured tie wrapsare made of Nylon 66 material which has high mechanical strength that make it hold different objects securely.
  • Since the zip tie is made of plastic, it has good electrical insulating properties which is best for working with electrical cables and electrical wires.

Using the colored zip ties with these will be safe for you, whoever person who will get close to the bundle, and also to the other objects surrounding or bundled with the cables.

  • The colored zip tie has excellent wear resistance so keeping the bundle securely will be rest assured.
  • It has good fatigue resistance that is why colored zip ties can hold or bundle things for a long period of time.
  • It has good sliding properties which makes it easy to use just by inserting the tail of the colored zip tie to the cable tie head.

colored cable ties

  • Colored zip ties have good resistance to high energy radiations which is good especially when working outdoors. Coloured cable ties will not easily  or deform when heated by the sun.
  • Coloured cable ties is available in 12 different colors you can choose from, inclusive of fluorescent colors which can be pleasing to your eyes. It is best for bundling different cables that you are to organize for better classification of which cable is connected to this from that
  • Zip ties have a wide range of operating temperature which can be from -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to +185 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius)
  • It is usually used for cable bundling and wire identification with the help of the different colors the colored zip ties have
  • The table shows the technical specifications of our colored zip ties:
Technical Specifications
MaterialNylon 66
Operating Temp-40 to +85°C
FlammabilityUL 94 V2
UV Light/Ozone ResistanceMedium
Oils & Grease ResistanceExcellent
Solvents ResistanceGood
Petrol ResistanceExcellent

These are the lists of the different tensile strengths of our colored zip ties according to its sizes:

Tensile Strengths
80 mm x 2.5 mm wide8 kg
All other 2.5 mm wide8.1 kg
All 3.6 mm wide18.2 kg
All 4.8 mm wide22.2 kg
All 7.6 mm wide54.4 kg
All 9 mm wide79.4 kg
All 12.7 mm wide114 kg


These are the types of coloured zip ties that can help you choose what coloured tie wraps to avail:

  • Red Zip Ties

red cable ties

Red Zip Ties are made of Nylon 6/6 and can be used for different applications. It is commonly used for cable management. And it is best to be used to cables which have the same color for better organization and aesthetics.

Red zip ties have a continuous working temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius).

These  colored cable ties can hold a load of 18 lbs. which is perfect for bundling your cables and wires in your computers or systems in office or your appliances at home.

  • Green Zip Ties

green cable ties

Green zip ties are perfectly used in the garden as it complements the colors of the plants and grass. It can be used for securing your plants in place so that the plants will be organized and look more presentable.

Green zip ties are made from durable 100% Nylon 6/6 which gives it strength that can hold your plants even a strong wind comes.

It has finger grips at the end of the cable tie to secure the grip to be tighten in order to hold the bundle of plants firmly. It can also be used to your cables and wires that are also colored green to make the bundle look neater and nicer.

  • White Zip Ties

white cable ties

White zip ties, also known as the Natural zip ties, are the most commonly used zip ties. It is used for so many applications like bundling cables and wires, attaching things, zipping things on the wall, support for artworks, luggage security, and many more.

White zip ties are UL recognized zip ties.

It has a self-locking design that can not easily be removed for better security. It is easy to use just by pushing your nail on the lock then pull out the end, then its undone.

It can be used for combining stacks of storage shelves where you can put your children’s toys, shoes, books, etc.

  • Brown Zip Ties

brown cable ties

Brown zip ties can be used for many applications especially for household works and commercial applications.

It is perfect for doing your DIY projects, cable management of your appliances at home, cable management for cables and wires of your computer and computer systems, securing into place the designs on special occasions, packaging your things for it to be secured from being opened unintentionally, and also for gardening.

  • Blue Zip Ties

blue cable ties

Blue zip ties are a common option for different applications because of its versatility. It can be used for organizing cables and wires, securing your luggage in the airport, securing your package to be transported or delivered to other places, and many more. It is easy to use that is why anyone can use it.

It is available in many sizes depending on what will you be bundling especially for cables.

Cable management is very important for the most part in your workspace. With the help of these cable ties, you will be able to manage your cables of your system very well. It will be easy for you to track the right cable when you are doing so troubleshooting.

  • Yellow Zip Ties

yellow cable ties

Yellow zip ties are manufactured with Nylon 6/6 material that can be used for many different applications. It is commonly used for organizing and bundling cables especially of your computer. It has different sizes capable for holding your cables and wires firmly.

  • Grey Zip Ties

grey cable ties

Grey zip ties are made with smooth rounded edges for the safety of the user and also for the safety of the cables and wire that will be bundled.

This is important to avoid further unnecessary hazards such as electrical shock or worse, fire. By having these zip ties, you will be able to organize well your cables for better workspace.

  • Pink Zip Ties

pink cable ties

Pink zip ties are perfect for your artworks and your children’s projects at school. With its color, it can give your projects aesthetics and will be very much presentable to others. It will be able to strengthen and hold the parts firmly. It is made of Nylon 6/6 which can be safe to be used even by your young ones.

  • Purple Zip Ties

purple cable ties

Purple zip ties can be used in organizing your documents at home and in your office for you to recognize easily what documents you are looking for. It will hold your paperwork without damaging it. These zip ties are easy to use and can be undone with proper technique.

  • Orange Zip Ties

orange cble ties

Orange zip ties are commonly used for cable management because it can be easily seen due to its color. It can secure your cables and electrical lines safe without damaging its protections. It is very important that when you bundle your cables, there will be no open wires for your safety and also for the safety of others that may touch the electrical lines.

  • Tan Zip Ties

tan cable ties

Tan zip ties are comprised of Nylon 6/6 which has resistance to external factors such as ultraviolet, weathering, heat, and abrasion. It also has natural resistance to mildew, molds, animals, insects, fungi, and other chemicals. It can last for a long time and do its job very well. It is suitable for high and low temperatures.

  • Silver Zip Ties

sliver cable ties

Silver zip ties are commonly made of stainless steel which adds strength to the zip ties. These can hold heavy duty cables such your coaxial cables, and others. These can be used outdoors for its resistance to ultraviolet and weathering. It will not easily be corroded due its material.


Indoor Use

Colored zip ties are best used for managing, bundling, and organizing cables and wires. Having different colors of zip ties are very useful for easily recognizing the zip tie you are looking for.

It is best for cable management for ease in case of doing some troubleshooting in your system. You can use it to bundle the cables so that it will look more organized and will not cause further accidents. Colored zip ties can also be used for your files and documents so that you will not have a hard time finding the files when you need them.

coloured cable ties

Outdoor Use

Coloured zip ties are resistant to heat so that it is safe to be used for your connections to the internet or cable. It can be used for automotive and marine engines due to its high melting point, it will not easily melt. You can also use it to hold your plants, and bundle your garden hose.


Here is some information that can be useful for you about colored zip ties:

  • What are the advantages of using colored zip ties?
  1. Good for short and long runs of communication and data wire
  2. Good for binding together a number of wires connecting computer computers to the wall

coloured zip ties

  1. Good for organizing wires so that people don’t trip over them
  2. A quick solution for creating a tidier workplace
  3. They are inexpensive to purchase
  • What are the other names for cable ties?

Cable ties are sometimes referred to as hose ties, zip ties, strap, cable fixer, or tyrap

  • Are colored zip ties reusable?

Yes! With a simple trick you can undo your colored zip ties. Just simply put your finger nail between the locking mechanism and press down, then pull it apart.

  • What are the disadvantages of using colored cable ties?
  1. If pulled too tightly, it can damage the wire
  2. It’s cumbersome to remove if you need to make changes to the number of conductors, or even the location to the device where the cable needs to run.
  3. For large bundles and runs, an electrician can spend a lot of time repeating applying multiple zip ties.
  4. The zip ties, depending on application and cable and wire type may not be even allowed to bundle cables running into a conduit.
  5. If allowed in conduit, since the zip ties have a thick tail, it can get caught or snag when pulling the bundle through conduit or even tray
  6. Tighter bundles can increase the build-up of heat between the conductors. Because of such, some electrical code will not allow this type of bundling to take effect as it presents a potential fire hazard if the cables overheat too much.

And colored zip ties should never be used with higher voltage wire without appropriate derating of the wire and we would still recommend against using them with high voltage wire even if technically allowable.

  1. Only applicable for low voltage cable by code in conduit, high voltage cables do not allow any foreign objects in the conduit or tray
  • What’s the best zip tie for bundling wires and cables?

The best zip tie for bundling depends on the size of the wires and cables. If the wires and cables are thin, just like the wires in your system unit for cable management, using miniature zip ties is enough.

And when you are to bundle thick cables and wires, just like the electrical wires in your house, using standard zip ties or heavy-duty zip ties will be needed. With the use of these zip ties, it will securely hold your thick cables.

  • Can you buy colored zip ties in bulk?

Yes. Colored zip ties are available in bulk and different packaging. Depending on the manufacturer, you can request for custom orders for your color preference.

  • Are there colored zip ties with tags?

Yes. Colored zip ties with tags are used for labeling and easy cable management. They are available in different colors depending on the manufacturer. They are best used at home, school, and office for organizing things.

cable tie identification tags

Colored Zip Ties can be a big help for you in organizing, bundling, and arranging your cables and wires. It can also be used for securing your things such as your luggage in the airport and your plants when gardening. It has many uses and different colors. The different colors of your zip ties can be a great help in order for you to recognize easily the things you have bundled.

Manager Note
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