Colored Cable Ties

DIFVAN colored cable ties can bind what you want to sort out, and then put the wrap wire into the head, self-locking design, make it tidy and organized.

Colored cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths, A range of colored cables ties available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow.


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Colored Cable Ties

Yellow zip ties

Red zip ties

Green zip ties

White zip ties

Coloured cable ties with the flammability of UL94V-2 are made of UL recognized nylon PA66 new raw material.

DIFVAN colored cable ties have many types choose from:


orange cable ties

ITEM NOLMMax bundle dia

Advantage of colored cable tie:

colored zip ties

1, Neat burr-free teeth: use high-precision mold to extrude, no extra burrs, accurately lock various harnesses and prevent buckling, self-locking

2, Pure new PA66 nylon material: made of approved new UL66 nylon material, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic

3, Long-term use, not easy to aging: good toughness, strong self-locking ability, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection and practical

Colored cable tie can be used in Home,Auto Indoors&Outdoor,Packing,Garden,Bicycle,Transportation, and so on.Cable Ties:Make your life easy and beautiful again.

purple zip ties

DIFVAN is a professional manufacturer of cable ties, the most popular one is the color cable ties.

The color cable tie is divided into a variety of colors Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Fuschia, Orange, Gray, Purple.

Our coloured zip ties with the flammability of UL94V-2 are made of UL recognized nylon PA66 new raw material. yellow zip ties are insulative and resistant to corrosion and UV light. Even in tough weather and the temperature ranging from -15℉ to 185℉, they still work in good condition.

Orange zip ties strong and durable, insulated and colorfully, the teeth engage as they should, self-locking design ensure bundle wires more tightly and secure, And they’re designed with rounded edges to provide easy handling and prevent snagging in tight spaces. perfect stuff for festival decorate.

Orange cable ties wrap individually wrapped in a bag for easy storage and organization. Colorful wire tie wraps are perfect for home, office, garage, travel, workshop tidy and whenever you need sort out your different wires, zippers, and other accessories.

DIFVAN also produce black cable ties, stainless steel cable ties. If you want to find cable ties, DIFVAN is a great choose.

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