Cat5e patch panel

The back of the Super Cat5e patch panel is the IDC type terminal block. When you install the patch panel, the cable will not fall off easily and can be inserted multiple times.

Cat5e panels may be mounted on the wall and in 19″ telecommunication cabinets, racks and frames.

The bracket of the patch panel cat5e is a frame with screw holes for easy mounting to the rack.


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  • cat5e patch panel
  • cat5e panel

patch panel cat5e

Cat5e patch panel

8 port cat5e patch panel

12 port cat5e patch panel

24 port patch panel cat5e

48 port patch panel cat5e

cat5e panel568b patch panel

Cat5e patch Panel
Ccurrent Rating1.5 Amps
Insulation Resistance50 Megaohm
Contact Resistance20 Mini ohm
DC Resistance0.1 ohm Max
Voltage150 VAC Max
Plug Retention Force89N
Humidity10%-90% RH
IDC Accept22-26 AWG solid wire
Wire SchemeT568A/B
PanelCold rolled steel(thickness 1.5mm)
Back BarCold rolled steel(thickness 1.5mm)
Spring WirePhosphor Bronze with Gold-plated
IDC ContactPhosphor Bronze with Tinned
IDC holderHigh Impact PC

1, 8 Port Cat5e Patch Panel

8 port cat5e patch panel


2, Patch Panel 12 Port Cat5e

12 port cat5e patch panel

3, 24 Port Patch Panel Pat5e

24 port patch panel cat5e

4, 48 Port Patch Panel Cat5e

48 port patch panel cat5e





1,High-end material

cat5e panel

2,The label

patch panel cat5e


cat5e switch panel

DIFVAN offers a wide variety of standard patch panel, cat5e patch panel makes it easy to manage the cross-connect system of pairs of connectors.

Patch panel is the most important component in the management subsystem and is the hub for the cross-connection of two subsystems, vertical trunk and horizontal cabling.

Patch panels cat5e adheres to TIA/EIA 568 industry specifications and comes with both T-568A and T-568B wiring configurations.

Cat5e patch panel include four types:

8 port cat5e patch panel,length:10 inch,width:1U;

12 port cat5e patch panel ,length:10 inch,width:1U;

24 port patch panel cat5e,length:19 inch,width:1U;

48 port patch panel cat5e,length:19inch,width:2U;

24/48port is more popular.Because they are the same length as a 19-inch rack.

Cat5e switch panel have high density structure can save space.

Front paste of patch panel cat5e,RJ45 ports are used to directly connect Ethernet copper cable. All ways had printed numbers for  easy identification.

In the rear, it’s patch panel module with color markings, Insert the wires into the IDC terminal in the order of the added line.

The cat5e panel is equipped with a complete detachable label, which is user-friendly and easy to install and distinguish between cables.

The back panel of cat5 patch panel wall mount is made of high-strength cold rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

The needle contact of the cat5e switch panel port is made of pure copper, which is stable in contact and anti-oxidation, ensuring stable transmission performance.

DIFVAN cat5 patch panel wall mount electrical performance,the operating voltage is 250 V, withstand voltage is 750 V and 100% passed the FLUKE LINK test.

Cat5e panels deliver a steady 100Mhz connection to copper Gigabit switches,accept 22-26 AWG Cat5e/Cat5 solid and stranded UTP cables.

Like the cat5e patch panel, there are also patch panel cat6, keystone patch panel,keystone jack that help your network process wiring.

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