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Have you bought a zip tie which you think is a great buy but ended up being disappointed? When do we need zip ties? Which brand will you choose that will suit your needs?  

These questions are typically asked by customers who are seeking a reliable company for zip ties. Are you a company that produce or manufacture cable ties?

Do you know the raw material of nylon zip ties? Here’s something you should read!

plastic zip ties can be bought at any internet and hardware shop or home depot. The best manufacturers offer a wide selection of wire zip ties. Manufacturers of nylon zip ties use only the  best nylon materials so they can provide high-quality products for all of your cable and cable management needs.

Nylon 6 or Nylon 66 is commonly used for textile or plastic industries because they are durable, has high mechanical strength, can withstand even the extreme weather condition, chemical- resistant, and rigid. Nylon is a poly amide which has properties of thermal stability, high tensile strengths, good appearance and a light material that can used in a wide variety of applications. zip ties are made of nylon so they are guaranteed to be long lasting and tough.

This article will give you an idea of the best companies that provide nylon materials for zip tie makers. Let’s take a look at the top providers of nylon materials below:

Ultron and Vydyne PA66 by ASCEND

Zip tie nylon

Ascend is famous for several top of the line brands like Ultron and Vydyne PA66. They are the providers of premium nylon with incomparable performance. It has superior resistance to chemicals, weather, static, crushing or matting conditions.

They take pride in  their manufacturing process which is very particular and superior in maintaining high quality control standards. Their products are widely used in different applications like automobiles, zip ties and fasteners, consumer goods, electronic and electrical products, and in the industrial section like equipment.

Their product range include intermediate chemicals, specialty chemicals, PA66 resins, PA66 fibers, PA66 compounds, and their trademark brands like Acteev, Endur, and No-Shock. The reason why they are the number 1 choice of most companies is because of their unfailing and uncompromised quality for all their supplied materials.

This is what material we use for our zip ties. Our cable ties using this brand nylon keep in high performance, high tensile, also can keep long time without color change during the zip ties use.

If you are looking for Nylon 6 and 66, here’s what you can benefit from choosing Ascend’s ULTRON brand products:

  • Tighter more compact molecular structure
  • Higher degree of internal hydrogen bonding
  • Maximum alignment of molecular chains
  • 20 percent higher resilience
  • 12 percent harder fiber surface
  • More tightly bonded structure, higher recovery and greater hardness
  • Appearance retention
  • Crush resistance
  • Resistance to matting
  • Resilience
  • Pile height retention
  • Colorfastness
  • Atmospheric contaminants
  • Ozone
  • Flammability
  • Stain resistance
  • Resistance to soil impingement

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Zytel® PA 66 and PA 6 by DUPONT

dupont zip tie material


Another top and extremely reliable companythat we chooose to produce zop self locking nylon cable zip ties is the famous brands Zytel® PA 66 and PA 6 is DuPont.

The company invented nylon 66 in 1935 and is the largest global nylon manufacturer with the largest nyon production facility in Europe. Zytel is lightweight and made with high-performance nylon in its effort to replace metals particularly in the automotive industry.

we use dupont nylon material very often dor our DIFVAN zip ties production. like Ascend, Dupont also can give us a quality support during the cable zip ties manufacturing.

Zytel, as the trdemark of DuPont, are mostly focused on Nylon 66, Nylon 6, and Nylon 610 which are high-performing nylon resin products used in different applications such as the following:

  • Automotive – Engine Covers/Housings
  • Cable Insulation and Jacketing
  • Electrical & Electronic Plastics
  • Electrical Encapsulation Materials
  • Electrical Insulation Polymers
  • Electrical Motor Insulation
  • Electronic & Electrical Connectors
  • High-Performance Materials for 3D Printing
  • Innovative Furniture Design
  • Mobile Phone Housing & Components
  • Oil Pan and Cylinder Head Cover Gaskets
  • Photovoltaic Panels and Parts
  • Plastics For Sporting Goods
  • Polymers For Appliances
  • Polymers for Oil and Gas
  • Railway Technology for the Long Haul
  • Thermoplastic Tubing and Elastomeric Hose
  • Transformer Insulation

Because of its commitment to produce only the highest standard of quality for their products, manufacturers can take advantage of the following benefits when they choose their Zytel product range:

  1. Insulating, electrical resistance
  2. Heat resistance
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Strength
  5. Stiffness
  6. Dimensional stability
  7. Easy to process
  8. Strength
  9. Versatile
  10. Fatigue resistance

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BASF wire zip ties material

Another leading brand  is ULTRAMID by the expert company called BASF. Their definition of high-performing materials is based on their customer’s performance parameters to make them successful int their operation. You might have heard of these other trademark bands from BASF: Ecoflex, Ecovio, Elastollan, Neopor, Nypel, Petra, Ultradur, Ultraform and Ultrason.

Their trademark brand for polyamides nylon, ULTRAMID, take pride in providing nylon materials like PA 6, PA 66 and PA 66/6. They are widely used in several applications because they are exceptional for their high mechanical strength, rigidity and thermal stability. Ultramid materials  are viable for good impact resistance even at low temperatures. You are sure to have quality output due to its -hassle-free processing.

Here’s a detailed explanation of their Nylon products taken from their website:

PA 6 (Nylon 6)

Ultramid B: PA 6 (unreinforced) is a tough and strong material affording parts with good damping characteristics and high shock resistance even in the dry state and at low temperatures. PA 6 is distinguished by particularly high impact resistance and ease of processing.

PA 66 (Nylon 66)

Ultramid A: Among the unreinforced polyamides, PA 66 along with Ultramid T is the material with greatest hardness, rigidity, abrasion resistance and thermostability. It is one of the preferred materials for parts subject to mechanical and thermal stresses in electrical, mechanical, automotive and chemical engineering.

PA 66/6 (Nylon 66/6)

Ultramid C: This is the name given to copolyamides made from PA 6 and PA 66 building blocks. The formulation of the copolymer provides enhanced flowability in injection molding and higher clarity in film extrusion applications.

Here are benefits of Ultramid polyamides (Nylon):

  • high mechanical strength
  • rigidity
  • thermal stability
  • afford good impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • advantageous sliding friction properties
  • problem-free processing

BASF nylon material is also a good choice for biodegradable zip ties.

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toray self-locking cable tie material

TORAY is a global network that provides a wide variety of raw materials such as fibers and textiles, chemicals, carbon fibers, and automotive solutions. Their nylon products are one of the best-selling items in the fiber category. Some of their brands are:

1.TORAY NYLON™ – Polyamide Fiber

2.TORAY TETORON™- Polyester Fiber

3.TORAYLON™ – Acrylic Fiber

4.PENTAS™ – Flat Multi-leaf Cross-section Polyester Fiber

5.AIRLET™ -Quality Hollow Polyester

6.TORCON™- Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Fiber

In 1951, Toray manufactured the world’s first synthetic fibe in Japan by Toray. Their trademark brand, TORAY NYLON™ and AMILAN™ offered products for a wide range of nylon applications. Their nylon products have remarkable features such as the following:

  • excellent tensile and abrasion strength
  • chemical-resistance
  • good color development properties

As for Nylon resin materials, AMILAN product line consists of Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 610.

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66

  1. Excellent balance of properties in terms of mechanical behavior.
  2. Superior toughness under standard humidity conditions.
  3. Superior chemical and oil resistance.
  4. Features superior anti-abrasion and wear resistance.
  5. The self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties of almost all grades conforms with UL standard 94VO.
  6. Long-term heat resistance (maximum long-term continuous use temperature: approximately 80–150°C)
  7. Grades that are reinforced with glass fibers are particularly outstanding in terms of their elastic modulus and strength.
  8. Low gasoline permeability and superior gas barrier properties.

Nylon 610

  1. Excellent flexibility as well as impact resistance at low temperatures.
  2. Relatively minimal absorbency and excellent dimensional stability.
  3. Excellent bending fatigue properties.

Copolymer Nylon

  1. Products with special features including transparency, flexibility, and adhesiveness are available.
  2. Products with special characteristics including solubility in alcohol are available.

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This company provides polyamide compounds under the trademark name of 4MID.

Here are the features of their products as stated in their website:

  • Excellent stiffness
  • High mechanical strength
  • Very good thermal stability
  • Excellent flammability resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • High wear resistance and low friction
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Good flow and processing properties

black nylon cable ties

For other detailed information of the nylon zip ties materail, you can contact us to know more details.

We hope that the above information help you in choosing the best company to get your nylon supply.

if you’re looking for a reliable hvac zip ties, industrial zip ties, outdoor zip ties, duct zip ties, automotive zip ties. please send us mail directly.

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