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A cable tie is also known as a zip tie or a tie wraps. It is used in different applications to harness and bundles wires. tie wraps acts as a strap to keep the wires managed, untangled, and organized.  there are many cable ties manufacturers in the world, different area, different cable tie mold, different standard, varies sizes, different quality and different prices.

you usually compare prices between different bulk cable ties before you made an order, right? and try to find a most competitive supplier of cable ties ( in good quality and resonable price). here are two factors :

  • cable ties price — cable ties price is influenced by the weight(the size) of the cable ties, the material of the cable ties.
  • cable ties quality—cable ties quality is influenced by the raw material, the molds in the injection machines.

as a 15 years cable ties manufacturer in China,  DIFVAN is a leading manufacturer located in China, our material partners are cable ties manufacturer Ultron And Vydyne PA66 By ASCEND andZytel® PA 66 And PA 6 By DUPONT.

  • these nylon PA66 are 100% pure nylon 66, it can ensure the cable ties in a higher tensile performance and keep in your warehouse for longer time.
  • the mold our factory made are accurae mold in a higher speed injection way which can ensure the whole cable ties in one tensile. not break when you pull.

after 15-20 years foced on cable ties, our plastic cable tie have been exported to many countries like United States, Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Italy, German, Australia, Vitnam, Indonisia. Russia, and many more. our high quality plastic cable ties, tie wraps, reusable cable tie, stainless steel cable tie,releasable ties in neutral packing and in different width can be a good choice for global importer, reseller and retailer  for your shops and supermarkets.

if you have no experiences for importing, we can help you.

if you have special requests for packing, we can help you.

if you need long tems Chinese partner. we can help you.

Our cable ties range can be as following:

How our factory control our quality?

AS a leading cable tie manufacture, we’re garantee each order we deliveryed out are high quality plastic cable tie, here are our QC process:

  • Raw Material-100% Pure nylon from Dupont-Pure nylon can make the nylon cable ties last longer time without break no and color change.
  • 58 sets 50 tons high speed injection machines-ensure us in large production capacity, and larger capacity of the injection machines ensure the nylon cable ties in good quality
  • Accurate Mold-Better mold can make the nylon cable ties produced in low tempreture, and surface in smooth and nice appearances,no burs.
  • Tensile Test during production-three time checking in production, Each batch of nylon cable ties from DIFVAN factory had been tested by our QC team at least three times, make sure all cable ties are in high tensile.
  • Insertion Test-double check the cable tie teeth-We do extra Insertion test for the nylon cable tie teeth to make sure each cable tie goes smoothly.
  • Moiture Test-Moiture test by professional tester, Because of the nylon materail, each nylon cable ties shoud absorb enough water to ensure teh cable ties can last longer time withour break.
  • Frozen Test-especialy for cold whether, if you’re in Russia, in some place where the tempreture is -40° in winter, this test will be a must for you.
  • Packing and Quantity check-make sure no less quantity and labeled well, We packed the cable ties in bags by measuring the weight, but also checked by pieces to make sure enought quantity in each bag. also checking the label per your design as well.

nylon cbale ties testing

cable ties supplier

tie wrap testing

which tie wrap packing style you need?

  1. Bulk Cable Ties Packing 1

  • Paking Way: Bag Packing
  • Quantity inside the bag: 25 pcs/50 pcs /100 pcs per polybag
  • Label Sticker: netural or with customer’s design.
  • Size: all your requested sizes available
  • Colors: all your requested color available
  • Bag style: Normal Polybag with selaed by machines, polybag with zip sealed.

Bulk Cable Ties Packing 2

  • Paking Way: bag Packing for mixed sizes and colors.
  • Quantity inside the bag: 25 pcs/50 pcs /100 pcs per polybag
  • Sticker Card: netural or with customer’s design.
  • Size: all your requested sizes available.
  • Colors: all your requested color available.
  • Bag style: Normal Polybag with card sticker.

Bulk Cable Ties Packing 3

  • Paking Way: Jar Packing for mixed sizes and colors.
  • Quantity inside the bag: 50 pcs /100 pcs / 200 pcs /500 pcs /1000 pcs per Jar.
  • Label Sticker: netural or with customer’s design.
  • Size: all your requested sizes available.
  • Colors: all your requested color available.
  • Jar style: jar in different sizes according to your different quantity.

Bulk Cable Ties Packing 4

  • Paking Way: Box Packing for mixed sizes and colors.
  • Quantity inside the bag: 50 pcs /100 pcs / 200 pcs /500 pcs /1000 pcs per Box.
  • Label Sticker: netural or with customer’s design.
  • Size: all your requested sizes available.
  • Colors: all your requested color available.
  • Box style: bos in different sizes according to your different quantity.

Bulk Cable ties in other packing style

  • Paking Way: blister card / label card.
  • Items inside the packing: Cable ties, Crimpers, Tie gun, and other items if you need to be packed together.
  • Quantity inside the bag: per your requested.
  • Label Sticker: netural or with customer’s design.
  • Size: all your requested sizes available.
  • Colors: all your requested color available.
  • Box style: both in varies sizes according to your different quantity.
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Cable ties can help you get our of messy stuff in your home and office. For years, cable ties are used to safe keep all scattered wires in different applications in different industries. DIFVAN, a Chinese cable ties manufacturer, our cable ties comes in different sizes and tensile strength to accommodate small loads or heavy loads in a workplace, factories, or enterprises.

When Our homes and office are filled with messy stuff, Wires here and there can give the house an unpleasant appearance. Electrical cables can impose danger, and if you are living with kids around, it will not be safe for them for they can inevitably play with it.

Good thing there are cable ties! nylon cable ties produced by DIFVAN are affordable and economical, it is a top choice for cable management for home and business use.

There are different kinds of cable ties available in the market from different cable ties in bulk. Depending on different cable ties shapes, you can purchase the following types:

  1. Beaded Cable Tie
  2. Releasable Cable Tie
  3. Identification Cable Tie
  4. Ladder-style Cable Tie
  5. Tear-off Cable Tie
  6. Parallel-Entry Cable Tie
  7. Steggel Ties
  8. Pull-Tight Seal Ties

Cable ties can be purchased in any hardware or home depot stores and online. As a cable ties buyer, you should  contact with many cable ties suppliers and manufacturers.

Among those cable ties manufacturers, who are  the best TOP 10 cable ties suppliers?

which cable tie supplier can provide you most competitive product in resonable price to leave you more benifits?

which cable ties supplier or manufacturers provide the best quality?

for the top 10 cable ties manufacturers, who are they and where they located?

which kind of cable ties the cable tie supplier provided?

Here is a worldwide selection of cable ties manufacturers among those top cable ties manufacturers:


With over 50 years in the business, Plas-Ties is a nylon cable ties manufacturer/company located in California, USA. They offer a complete line of standard or customized cable ties in different types and sizes such as:

      • EZ Off nylon cable ties
      • Heavy-Duty nylon cable ties
      • Identification ties
      • Ladder cable ties
      • Low Profile cable ties
      • Releasable cable ties
      • Metal Detectable ties
      • Mounting Head nylon cable ties
      • Secure cable ties
      • Stainless cable ties
      • Velcro ties

Their popular colored cable ties from this cable tie manufacturer have smooth edges and low insertion force for perfect bundling. Some types are available in clear color that is weather-resistant. Their product features as mentioned in are:

      • DURABLE– high tensile strength obtained from the one-piece design
      • FAST – less insertion and pull through force needed
      • EASY– angled tail allows for quicker initial insertion & tail grips allow for easier handling
      • SAFE– rounded edges provide added safety to minimize product damage
      • UNIFORM– formulated molding process with 6/6 nylon
      • CUSTOM– print your logo, company message, product code or directive on each cable tie

Aside from cable ties, Plas-Ties is also a good source of high-performance twist tie machines and twist tie pools for any of your industrial needs. They provide with advanced solutions for your packaging requirements. You can select and purchase from their high-quality, semi-automatic twist tie machines.

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NO.2cable ties manufacturer

Being a cable ties manufacturer Since 1984,  Nelco has been providing quality, superior cable ties, and wire management products in the market. With over 24 thousand products and more than 20 thousand clients, you can be sure that you’re buying from a reputable cable ties manufacturer. Below is a list of Cable Ties that they provide:


      • Miniature Cable Ties (18 lb)
      • Intermediate Cable Ties (40 lb)
      • Standard Cable Ties (50 lb)
      • Light Heavy Duty & Heavy-Duty Cable Ties (120 lb – 175 lb)
      • Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties (250 lb)
      • Cable Tie Kits


      • Identification Cable Ties
      • Flag ID Cable Ties
      • Blank Flag Cable Ties
      • Write-On Flag ID Cable Ties


      • Heat Stabilized Cable Ties
      • Weather Resistant Nylon Cable Ties
      • Flame Retardant Cable Ties
      • PEEK Heat Resistant, High Temp Cable Ties
      • Polypropylene Cable Ties
      • Self-Lock Stainless Steel Metal Cable Ties
      • Tefzel Cable Ties
      • Halar Cable Ties
      • Releasable Cable Ties
      • Radius Cable Ties
      • Screw Mounted Head Cable Ties
      • Push Mount Cable Ties (40 & 50 lb.)
      • Restricted Bundle Security Loops
      • Cable Tie Strapping
      • Low Profile In-Line Cable Ties
      • Metal-Detectable Cable Ties
      • Security Ties/Ski Ties
      • Beaded Cable Ties
      • VELCRO Hook & Loop Cable Ties
      • Metallic Cable Ties (40 lb)
      • Ladder Cable Ties
      • Plenum Cable Ties
      • Cold Weather Cable Ties

Aside from cable ties, they also manufacturer cable tie accessories and tools.

      • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
      • Cable Tie Installation Tools
      • Molded Cable Clamps
      • Snapper Hose Clamps
      • High Temperature Cable Clamps
      • Tie Anchor Cable Tie Mounts
      • Cable Tie Screw Mounts
      • Low Profile Cable Tie Mounts
      • Metal Detectable Cable Tie Mounts
      • PEEK Cable Tie Mounts
      • Cable Tie Adhesive Mounting Bases
      • Cable Tie Identification Tags

With a wide selection of products from this cable ties manufacturers, you’ll surely get the best cable ties and wiring accessories especially if you get them in bulk. They offer wholesale pricing options for huge orders. Visit their website for complete product information.
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This US-based cable ties manufacturer company produced the first one-piece nylon cable ties that features easy installation, stronger, durable, and cost-effective products. Their product catalog shows high-quality and superior items from cable ties line, connectors and wiring accessories.

Here’s a complete list of the products from this zip tie manufacturer:

      • Single-Loop Cable Ties
      • Heavy Duty Cable Ties
      • HVAC Duct Straps
      • Mounting-Hole Cable Ties
      • Push-Mount Cable Ties
      • Tefzel Cable Ties
      • Polypropylene Cable Ties
      • Heat Stabilized Cable Ties
      • Fire Retardant Cable Ties
      • Color Cable Ties
      • Beaded Cable Ties
      • Identification Cable Ties
      • Double-Loop Cable Ties
      • Mounting Bases for Cable Ties
      • Clips and Saddles
      • Cable Clamps
      • Accessories
      • Twist-On Connectors
      • Wing Style Connectors
      • Wire Marker Booklets and Dispensers
      • Spiral Wrapping
      • Corrugated Tubing
      • Wiring Duct and Accessories
      • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
      • Printed Circuit Board Supports/Spacers
      • Velcro Hook & Loop Cable Ties

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NO.4  hellermanntyton CABLE TIES

As a global zip tie manufacturer company, HellermannTyton is a leading supplier and manufacturer of electrical cables and network connectivity solutions for cable management. They are trusted by many industries around the world because of their products that can withstand even in extreme environmental pressures.

Cable Ties and Fixings

-Cable Ties Inside Serrated

-Cable Ties Outside Serrated

-Cable Ties Without Serration

-Cable Ties, Releasable

-Cable Ties, Stainless Steel

-Cable Ties with Fixing Elements

-Cable Tie Mounts

-Fixing Elements

-Clips, Clamps and Plug

Identification Systems  

-Wire and Cable Markers

-Control Panel Labelling

-Industrial Identification

-RFID tags and cable ties

-Security Labeling

-Hazardous Area Identification

-Printers and Software

Application Tooling  

-Automatic Cable Tying System

-Application Tooling for Cable Ties

-Application Tooling for Snappers

-Application Tooling for Heat Shrinkable Tubing

-Application Tooling for Non-Shrinkable Tubing

-Application Tooling for Braided Sleeves

-Application Tooling for Identification

This single-hole application cable tie have serrated ends that can be used in applications like in trucks and heavy equipment or automotive industries. Another famous product is their cable clip that are used on edges where  you can fasten the cables without drilling.

Aside from cable ties, they also manufacture the following products:


-Heat Shrinkable Tubing

-Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes

-Non-Shrinkable Tubing

Cable Protection Systems  

-Non-Metallic Conduit Systems

-Metallic Conduit Systems

-Spiral-Reinforced Conduit Systems

-Conduit System Accessories

-Protective Tubing and Spiral Binding

-Expandable Braided Sleeves

-Open Woven Sleeves

-Burst Protective Sleeves

-Electromagnetic Shielding Sleeves

-Edge Protection


-Wiring Ducts and Accessories

Electrical Installation

-Wire Connectors

-Downlight Covers

-Cable Rods

-Electrical and Technical Tapes

-Cast Resin Technology

-Gel Technology



-Patch Panels

-Data Outlets





-UFC Closures

-FDN Closures

-FML Closures

-FRBU Closures

-FST Closures

-Connectorised Closures

-Copper Jointing Closures



-Splice Trays

-Broadband Accessories
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NO.5  Cable Ties Manufacturers in China

Another leading stronger cable tie manufacturer of cable ties is DIFVAN. For 25 years, they provide the market with superior quality of cable ties, accessories, and other wire management products that are tested for quality and carries industry certifications. their cable ties in bulk and bulk cable ties selling for global customers. difvan have the advantage of selling cable ties china because of the low labor cost from China. you can get a resonable bulk cable ties rate from them. if you need Below is the current list of products they provide:

Standard Cable Ties

-Miniature Cable Ties

-Intermediate Cable Ties

-Standard Cable Ties

-Light Heavy-Duty Cable Ties

-Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties

Special Cable Ties

-Air Handling Cable Ties

-Beaded Cable Ties

-Colored Cable Ties

-Double Head Cable Ties

-Dual Loop Cable Ties

-Identification Cable Ties and Plates

-Mounting Hole Cable Ties

-Push Mount Cable Ties

-Push Mount Wing Cable Ties

-Releasable Cable Ties

-Tote Box Cable Ties

Engineered Materials Cable Ties

-Tote Box Cable Ties

-Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

-Impact Resistant Cable Ties

-Impact Resistant Mounting Hole Cable Ties

-Metal Detectable Cable Ties

-Metal Detectable Mounting Bases, No Adhesive

-Metal Detectable Mounting Bases, Rubber Adhesive

-Metal Detectable Screw Mounts

-Nylon 12 Cable Ties

-Stainless Steel Uncoated Cable Ties

-Stainless Steel Coated Cable Ties

-Stainless Steel Uncoated Ladder Cable Ties

-Stainless Steel Coated Ladder Cable Ties

Specialty or Assortment Packs

-ALB Reduced Case Quantities

-AL-Spinner Rack

-Color Variety Pack

Cable Tie Tools

-Cable Tie Removal Tools

-Cable Tie Installation Tools

If you are looking for materials for connecting, terminating, and insulating electrical components, you can choose from a wide array of their available premium products:

      • Grounding Wire Connectors
      • High Temperature Wire Connectors
      • Narrow Wire Connectors
      • Standard Wire Connectors
      • Wing Wire Connectors
      • Wire Connector Sockets
      • Barrier Strips
      • Double Crimp Nylon Butt Connectors
      • Double Crimp Nylon Female Disconnects
      • Double Crimp Nylon Female Snap Plugs
      • Double Crimp Nylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnects
      • Double Crimp Nylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnects
      • Double Crimp Nylon Male Disconnects
      • Double Crimp Nylon Male Snap Plugs
      • Double Crimp Nylon Ring Terminals
      • Double Crimp Nylon Spade Terminals
      • Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
      • Heat Shrink Fully Insulated Female Disconnects
      • Heat Shrink Fully Insulated Male Disconnects
      • Heat Shrink Ring Terminals
      • Heat Shrink Spade Terminals
      • Nylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnects
      • Nylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnects
      • Nylon Pigtails
      • Quick Splicers
      • Vinyl Butt Connector
      • Vinyl Female Disconnects
      • Vinyl Female Snap Plugs
      • Vinyl Male Disconnects
      • Vinyl Male Snap Plugs
      • Vinyl Piggyback Disconnects
      • Vinyl Ring Terminal
      • Vinyl Spade Terminal

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Located in Florida, American Elite Molding is one of the leading manufacturers of nylon cable. They offer a wide range of cable tie products in different types, sizes and tensile strength. All cable ties are guaranteed of their superior quality with UL and Mil-Spec certification.

Aside from cable ties from this cable ties manufacturer, they  have the signature EZ-OFF Ties and Custom Printed items. It comes in black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and natural colors.

The following items are available from this cable ties supplier:

Cable Ties

-18 LB Series

-40 LB Series

-50 LB Series

-120 LB Series

-175 LB Series

Specialty Ties

-Colored Ties

-Mounting Head Ties

-Heat Stabilized Ties

-Fir Tree Push Mount Ties

-MIL-SPEC ties


-175 LB Series

-Air Handling Plenum


-Mounting Pads

-Light Duty Cable Clamps

-Heavy Duty Cable Clamps
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The popular 3M company is known for its wire range of reliable, durable, and high-quality products. Their products are indispensable both in businesses and consumers. They are widely used in industries like automotive, commercial solutions, communications, design and construction, electronics, manufacturing, safety and transportation.

For cable management, cable ties which 3M manufactured are your sure and effective solution! These cable ties can manage, bundle, and secure all cables in different sizes or applications. Other cable management products include cable stackers and cable tie bases which are commonly used in cable trays, control panels, HVAC and data centers. You can get the following benefits from their premium cable ties from this cable ties manufacturers:

      • The majority are made in the USA
      • Plenum-rated for use in air-handling spaces
      • Available in a range of lengths (4″ to 48″) and tensile strengths (18 lbs to 175 lbs)
      • Operating temperature ranges from -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C)
      • Available in natural, red and black
      • Black ties provide UV resistance for outdoor applications
      • UL Listed

The brands Post-It, Scotch, Scotch-Brite, Command, Filtrete, Nexcare and ScotchBlue are all famous brands from 3M. Aside from wires and cables, the following are 3M products available globally:

      • Abrasives
      • Adhesives & Tapes
      • Advanced Materials
      • Aerospace & Aircraft Maintenance
      • Animal & Pet Care
      • Architecture & Construction
      • Automotive
      • Casting & Splinting
      • Chemicals
      • Dental
      • Electronics Materials
      • Facility Cleaning & Maintenance
      • Films
      • Filtration
      • Food Safety & Microbiology
      • Food Service & Hospitality
      • Hand Hygiene
      • Health Information Systems
      • Marine Maintenance and Repair
      • Medical Device & Optical Components
      • Orthodontic
      • Painting Equipment & Supplies
      • Patient Monitoring
      • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Power Storage and Conversion
      • Securement & Immobilization-Dressing Securement
      • Security Hardware & Software
      • Signs & Displays
      • Skin & Wound Care
      • Sterilization Monitoring
      • Surgical Solutions
      • Traffic & Vehicle Safety
      • Vascular Access

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If you are in search of a company that offers reasonable prices and a leader when it comes to a wide range of electrical products, wiring and control panel accessories, Cable ties unlimited is a top choice. Their top products are:

      • Cable Ties
      • Cable Marker Ferrules
      • Ferrule Printing Machine
      • Wiring Products
      • Wrapping Band
      • PVC Sleeve
      • Binding Roll & Button
      • Cable Management Products
      • Control Panel Accessories
      • Solar Products
      • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
      • Cable Trays
      • Toggle Switches
      • Heat Shrinkable products

For cable tie products, they offer cable tie mount base, SS cable ties and nylon cable ties. A variety of these cables from this stronger cable tie manufacturer come in different sizes and packaging which are proven durable even if they are extensively used in heavy industries with extreme weather condition.

For stainless-steel cable ties, you can choose from : stainless steel cable ties, pvc coated stainless steel cable ties, ball lock stainless steel cable ties, releasable stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel ladder cable ties.
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Another global leader snap lock cable tie manufacturer when it comes to providing infrastructure and networking solutions is Panduit. They have a wide range of products  from the following scope:

      • Cabinets, Thermal, Management, Racks & Enclosures
      • Wire Termination
      • Copper Systems
      • Fiber Optic Systems
      • Grounding & Bonding
      • Power Distribution, Environmental & Connectivity Hardware
      • Signs, Labels & Identification
      • Safety & Security
      • Wire Routing, Management & Protection
      • Software & Software Accessories
      • IoT Sensors, Gateways & Software
      • Audio Video Systems

When it comes to cable accessories supplies, they have a variety of selection depending on your needs such as the following:

      1. Reel-Fed cable tie
      2. Dome-Top® barb ty cable tie
      3. Pan-Ty® locking cable tie
      4. 4-way adhesive backed cable tie
      5. StrongHold™ Cable Tie
      6. Contour-Ty® Cable Ties
      7. Dura-Ty® Cable Tie Strapping Reels
      8. Sta-Strap® cable tie
      9. Cable tie tool

Their full-list catalog can be downloaded online. they offers a broad selection of industry approved styles, sizes, and materials to meet a full range of electrical, industrial, and networking applications.

If you are looking for durable stainless-steel cable ties suppliers, they ensure you’ll get:

      • Durable method of bundling, fastening and permanent identification in applications where severe environmental conditions exist
      • Engineered for safety, productivity and durability by providing round edges and smooth surfaces, easy threading, high loop tensile strength, and tight clamping

To complete your bundling system, Tools also available from this cable ties manufacturer available both in manual or automatic.

Manual Cable Tie Installation Tools

      • Designed to speed installation for the lower installed cost
      • Flush tie cut-off limits exposure to sharp edges
      • A full line of lightweight, ergonomic hand tools available
      • they leads the industry in reliability and performance

Automatic Cable Tie Installation Systems

      • An efficient solution for high volume harnessing, assembly, fastening and packaging applications
      • High speed tools lower installed cost and reduce operator fatigue
      • Wrap, tension, and cut off cable ties in less than one second
      • Microprocessor based controller monitors system performance for production data and reporting

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This company is the 2nd largest manufacturer of nylon cable ties and accessories that is based in India. With their specialization in engineering design and tool manufacturing, they can produce high-quality cable ties and accessories for global customers. This ISO-certified company focuses on creating cost-competitive products while ensuring quality.

For cable ties, the company offers a wide range of nylon-made ties that are sure to perform well even in extreme weather conditions:

      • Non-Releasable Cable Ties
      • Metal Tooth Cable Ties
      • Cost-Effective Cable Ties
      • UV-Stabilized Cable Ties
      • Cable Clips

The non-releasable cable ties from this cable ties manufacturer are available from different size ranges starting from 3 inches up to 4 feet, with up to 120kg of tensile strength. Standard color is black and customized colors can be made upon request. They are available in the following types:

      • Miniature series
      • Intermediate Series
      • Standard Series
      • Heavy duty series

If you are looking for a cable tie with a stainless-steel tooth, you can choose Metal Tooth cable ties from this cable ties manufacturer which have the best resistance against humidity and low-temperature conditions. It is perfect for any advanced industrial application  even in extreme weather conditions because of the following properties:

      • Stainless steel tooth
      • Polyamide / Nylon 6.6 cable ties
      • Performs better at lower temperature
      • Considerably stronger than standard nylon cable ties
      • Smooth body for increased flexibility

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