Cable tie saddle

Cable tie saddle is made by approved nylon 66 and UL 94V-2 Flame rating.

Cable tie saddle are designed for maximum stability when securing cable bundles.

Cable tie saddle use the built-in screw hole for added strength.


  • cable tie saddle
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zip tie saddle

Cable tie saddle

1, Material: Nylon PA66

2, Size: DF-1 /DF-2

3, Color in Black and White


DIFVAN Cable tie saddle  is made of integrated die-casting, with a smooth surface, no burrs, and durable.

Here is cable tie saddle dimension, it can help you choose type.




Cable tie saddle can be used in many places like :Internet cafe,office,home,engine room etc.

wire tie mounts


2,Cable tie saddle has multiple installation methods,you can follow the installation method based on your existing materials.

saddle type tie mount

Cable tie saddle has black and white colour and  screw hole has 3mm or 6mm.

  • White cable tie saddle

  • Black cable tie saddle

tie wrap mounts


DIFVAN have professional experience in producing different kind of tie mount,one of the popular type is cable tie saddle.

cable tie saddle mount is suitable for fixing wire.

The shape of saddle tie mount is saddle,so we called cable tie saddle.

The saddle type design is easy to wire and operate.

Zip tie saddle is made of natural nylon 66 material.has good insulation performance, is not easy to aging, good fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance and alkali resistance.

DIFVAN cable tie base saddle are screw mountable cable tie holders. For use with nylon cable ties up to 9.0mm wide.

The use of saddle type tie mount is simple. simply drill a hole in the desired position and secure the saddle mount with a screw to fix in place.

Cable tie mounting base securely support bundles of cables.

When cable tie saddle is used with the cable tie, it can fix multiple cables.

Cable tie base working temperature is -20 to 120℃。

Cable tie saddle widely use television, computer, air conditioner production, monitoring engineering wiring, household appliances,  other products or wire fixing, ship cable line fixing, bicycle packaging or binding Other objects can also be used for bundling of agriculture, gardening, handicrafts, etc.

zip tie mount can be used with cable management clips, electronic cable organizer, throttle cable clamps, marine cable clamps, stainless steel cable clamps or anywhere where clean wiring is needed.

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