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DIFVAN Cable Clip Series

Round Cable Clip

DIFVAN Cable Clip will handle up to 4 to 19 mm cable diameter as their Size. Plastic Holds up well, isn’t flimsy and won’t snap easily. Round Plastic Cable Clips Protects Insulation and are Weather Resistant, Impact Resistant & Non-Corrosive Complete

Flat Cable Clip

DIFVAN Flat Cable Clips are available with Nail or Screw fastener, manufactured with high quality UV protected materials and long-life outdoor rated fasteners. By using specially designed clips for coax, data, and other cables-there is no loss in the wire by ‘pinching or crushing’ the outer jacket.

Cable Cleats

Specifically designed with strong, yet soft, plastic material that won’t damage coaxial, data, electrical, or other wire and cables. Additionally, by using a special PE UV material, no electrical shorts are created (as seen with staples or metal clips).

R-type cable clips

DIFVAN k-type cable clips are very helpful for office cable management, both indoors and outdoors. Easy to use for electrical, Ethernet, disc, coaxial cable, RG6, RG59, CAT6, RJ45 or any wire/cable you want to organize in the right way.

pipe clips

Highly durable product for the purpose of use for Pipe and Conduit, pipe-fittings,durable plastic construction,  design helps clamp tubing together,Once installed, it doesn’t come down, only be removed.

adhesive cable clips

DIFVAN Adhesive Cable Clips Good for your headphones, phone and chargers, USB cables, power cords, computer, laptop and audio wires, gaming console cords, HDMI, TV, musical instruments wires or other accessory items you need by hand.

screw cable clips

Designed and Manufactured from an extremely durable polyethylene, which is the same material of cable jackets, the Screw cable clips wrap around the cable without applying pressure on the cable.

Twist Clips

Steel material, Ensure that your conduit is safely secure with these rigid pipe straps that feature a reinforced hole and reinforced rib for extra strength, highly resistant to corrosion and rust, strong and durable.

 Hook Cable Clips

Hook cable clips allow you to secure runs of round cables, so wires can easily be run through them whether you mount them on the baseboard, ceiling, wall, door frame, or any other surface in your home or office.

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DIFVAN cable clips is developed for cable management for Your Home and Office, the cable clips have a widely and easily used in Electrical, Ethernet, Dish Wire, Coax Cable, RG6, RG59, CAT6, RJ45 or Any Wire / Cable which You Want to Organize in Proper Manner.

The cable clips have the features of weather Resistant, Impact Resistant and Corrosion Resistant efficiency to satisfy the growing of cable management . sizes can be 4mm up to 40mm in white and black colors.

DIFVAN cable clips have many types like round cable clips, flat cable clips, double nail cable clips, k-type cable clips ( groove nail clips),hook cable clips, pipe clips,steel cable clips, screw cable clips, adhesive cable clips suitable for different countries.

Groove nail clips is made by high performance PE, With high tensile strength nail which is used more in Europe, America, South America. Round and flat cable clips in white and black color can be used widely in all around the world. cable clips in different style can be available for your different requirements.

Adhesive cable clips also named as desk cable clips. with adhesive in the back of the clips, it can be easily installed by hand ( Just attach it to the edge of your desk or table) in your working place to make your desk and working space clear and clean,

DIFVAN cable clips also names as wall cable clips, desk cable clip per the different place it used.

DIFVAN cable clips have the advantages of Plastic Holds up well, isn’t flimsy and won’t snap easily.

DIFVAN company also can provide you cable ties, cable terminals, cable gland, cable lugs, choose us to enlarge your business range.

cable clip


In today’s modern living, there are so many things or device at home that can clutter or mess up our homes. You probably can relate to this since there are cables that you use each day and seeing them disarranged can be an eyesore.

Electronic devices like computers, appliances, docks, and telecommunication systems need cable organizers for a more “clean and clutter-free look”. There are cable organizers that you can buy like the fastening ties charging docks and organizers, and the most practical and cheapest is the cable clips.

What’s more interesting is that, there are cable clips that have one or two holders that you can conveniently stick to just any surface. It can fit and glue nicely on wood, metals, glass or plastic surfaces.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of cable clips? We take pride in providing you high-quality cable clip products for your specific needs.

Rest assured that we understand your concerns and we are a reliable supplier in the market. If you need more help and information about Cable Clips, you can send us an email and we’ll be glad to assist you with any of your concerns.

For knowledge and information about Cable Clips, please read on the following.

What is a cable clips?

A cable clip is a tool that allows you to secure and organize your cables in a fixed position like the ceiling, floor or the wall. DIFVAN cable clips is available in various types and sizes that provides you with a wider range of applications. It can be used both in home and workplace application.

Not just at home but even in the workplace, businesses and industrial settings, it can be annoying to see cables tangle together every single time. A yarn or a simple wire won’t do well because it is tiring to knot them again. Possibly, a cable tie might damage your cables from being too tight and to attach or detach your wires easily is time-consuming.

If that is the case, then you probably need a Cable Clips.

You can use cable clips if you want to keep your cables running in the right path. Thanks to this little things that can make big difference in our cable management!

Cable Clip Features

1.) Cable organizer– It manages your cables and wires that allow you to gather them together on a single spot, may it be at the corner behind your computer desk or along the walls of your office. Some manufacturers design them in a way that can hold one or more cables.

2.) Easy installation– A Cable clip is designed to make fastening of your cables in a single spot easier than any other tools. Each type has various ways on how to be installed. You can also find some that have adhesive for temporary installations. This is a perfect tool for those who are not allowed to make holes on their walls or on other places. Another type is with a screw and holds them firmly anywhere you need it to be.

All types of cable clip allow you to easily remove and attach your wires and cables whenever you want, and wherever you want it to be.

Types of Cable Clips

Cable clips is an effective tool to minimize clutter in our homes and work spaces (or wherever there are messy cables). As it is inevitable for our wires to sneak out of places at times, using cable clips is an inexpensive yet effective way of keeping thins organized. For different using performance, the cable clips can be devided into following types:

What is Nails Cable Clips?

The Nail Cable Clip is a cable clip round made from polyethylene and polypropylene plastics approved by ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive). These nail cable clips are available in various colors like black, grey and white that ranges in sizes 3.5 mm up to 40 mm depending on the manufacturer. Cable wire clips is designed with a c-shaped wire holder and a masonry nail attached to each.

To use it, you just simply need a hammer to place it onto a wall or wherever you desire to secure your cables. Electrical wire clips is commonly used in indoor and outdoor wiring applications. DIFVAN  Nail Cable Clip also works best on concrete and wood.

If you want to secure runs of cables and keep loose cables look tidy, this is the easy-to-use type of cable clip that you can use on any mount or surface. Nail Cable Clip is widely used to provide secure fix on the following:

  • 12 to 16 AWG speaker wire
  • phone wire
  • USB cable
  • RG8X, RG58, RG59 or LMR 240 coax cable
  • RG6 digital video or audio coaxial cable
  • Ethernet Cat 5, Cat 6 network cable
  • slim video cable

Best Features of Nail Cable Clip

  1. Simple, yet effective cable organizer
  2. Keeps your cables secure and in place at all times whether they are in spacious or tight spaces around the house or work area
  3. Practical cable management tool that can help prevent accidents or disconnection especially when you have kids or pets around the house
  4. Perfect solution for your TV coaxial cables or long antenna cables, computer cables, or electric appliances
  5. Gives your space a tidy look when hiding exposed cables along the ceiling, wall or floors

This is also known as cable clip with masonry nail. It is usually accompanied by a nail plug to tightly secure the cable clip unto the wall, concrete or brick. You can use these holders for a variety of purposes. The common sizes that you can find in the market are the following:

4mm5.34 mm1.7×15
5mm6.55 mm1.7×15
6mm8.16 mm1.7×17
7mm8.77 mm1.8×19
8mm9.68 mm1.9X21
9mm10.79 mm2.0X22
10mm11.710 mm2.05X25
12mm12.812 mm2.05X27
14mm14.914 mm2.4X32
16mm16.916 mm2.5X35
18mm20.818 mm2.5X37
20mm23.620 mm2.8X42
22mm25.022 mm2.8X48
25mm27.725 mm3.2X48
30mm33.130 mm3.2X53
35mm36.635 mm3.2X58
40mm45.240 mm3.4X60

1. Double Nail Cable Clip for Round Cable

The Double Nail Cable Clip is made from polyethylene, PVC or UPVC plastic depending on the manufacturer that functions as a cable manager on mason wall and concrete.

Cable Nail Clips can accommodate a single to multiple round cables. wire clips also has sizes that range from 4mm up to 40 mm depending on the manufacturer. The pre-installed double nail feature provides extra support in holding cables and provides a long-lasting cable clipping.

This table shows the different sizes of Double Nail Cable Clip that you can find in the market:

4 mm6.2 mm4 mm1.7×14 mm
5 mm7.6 mm5 mm1.8×7 mm
6 mm8.8 mm6 mm1.8×17 mm
7 mm9.8 mm7 mm1.8×19 mm
8 mm10.5 mm8 mm1.8×19 mm
9 mm11.6 mm9 mm1.8×22 mm
10 mm11.6 mm10 mm1.9×22 mm
12 mm15.1 mm12 mm1.9×25 mm
14 mm17 mm14 mm2.0×28 mm
16 mm19 mm16 mm2.2×33 mm
18 mm20.8 mm18 mm2.5×35 mm
20 mm22.2 mm20 mm3.0×40 mm
22 mm24.1 mm22 mm3.0×42 mm
25 mm27.1 mm25 mm3.0×45 mm
30 mm33.1 mm30 mm3.2×53 mm
32 mm35 mm32 mm3.2×53 mm
35 mm36.6 mm35 mm3.2×58 mm
40 mm45.2 mm40 mm3.4×60 mm
  1. Double Nail Cable Clip for Flat Cable

The Double Nail Cable Clip is a cable clip suitable for flat cables. DIFVAN Double Nail Cable is made from PVC, polyethylene, or UPVC depending on the manufacturer. It is available in sizes from 4mm up to 40 mm.

Electrical cable clamp can be used for indoors and outdoors installation that holds different types of cable and sizes.

Cable Holder is designed with the nail head that is recessed for minimum exposure and a clip that holds the cable without causing any damage. You can refer to this table for the size availability of Double Nail Flat Cable Clip Flat Cable that you can buy in the market:

4MM5.3 mm4.0 mm1.7 × 14 mm
5MM6.0 mm5.0 mm1.7 × 14 mm
6MM8.0 mm6.0 mm1.82 ×16 mm
7MM8.7 mm7.0 mm1.82 × 18 mm
8MM9.5 mm8.0 mm1.95 × 19 mm
9MM11.0 mm9.0 mm2.05 × 22 mm
10MM12.0 mm10.0 mm2.1 × 23 mm
12MM13.5 mm12.0 mm2.2 × 25 mm
14MM16.5 mm14.0 mm2.3 × 30 mm
16MM18.0 mm16.0 mm2.35 × 32 mm
17MM20.0 mm17.0 mm2.6 × 38 mm
18MM20.5 mm18.0 mm2.6 × 38 mm
20MM22.5 mm20.0 mm2.7 × 40 mm
22MM23.5 mm22.0 mm2.9 × 43 mm
25MM26.5 mm25.0 mm3.1 × 50 mm
30MM32.5 mm30.0 mm3.5 × 55 mm
32MM34.5 mm32.0 mm3.5 × 55 mm
35MM38.0 mm35.0 mm3.5×60 mm
40MM43.8 mm40.0 mm3.5×60 mm

Types Of Screw Cable Clips

The Coaxial Screw Cable Clip is a screw-on cable clip that is designed to protect single coaxial wires and cables. It may also be used as Cat6 cable clips. You can use it with your TV, internet, CCTV connection, or satellites. These holders can give you damage-free cable installations. The screw is already pre-installed so you can save time.

Screw Cable clips also have different types used for different purpose. They are also available in various sizes that can accommodate different types of cables

1. Coaxial Screw Cable Clips

This cable clip screw holds the cables on all sides to avoid wires from sliding off. Coaxial cable clamps can be installed with the used of either, 1/4” hex drive bit, #2 Phillips head drill bit or #2 Phillips head screwdriver. Cord clips can be used in grounding antennas and satellites and available in various sizes so you can get clear and uninterrupted signals.

DIFVAN Coaxial Screw Cable Clips can keep the room or work place neat where cables are exposed. Keep things organized and mess-free using coaxial screw cable clips.



To ensure long-lasting installation, it is necessary to look for good suppliers that can provide you with the following:

  • Rust proof mounting screw
  • Made of quality materials to avoid snapping or breaking
  • Must be made of UV-stabilized polyethylene materials to avoid electrical shorts
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Compatible with RG-59 or RG-6 coax

Advantages of Using Coaxial Screw Cable Clip

  1. Cables are trapped in the clip once screwed in. It is ideally used in tight places or if you have some weird angles to work on.
  2. Coaxial Cable Clip is very easy to install and you can get a snug fit finish.
  3. Perfect for small cables and paired data wires since they are flexible enough, easy to anchor and holds the cable very well.
  4. Coaxial Cable Clip can easily attach to woods or metals while having a secure cable connection.
  5. Coaxial Cable Clip works nicely on both indoor and outdoor installation.
  6. The screw eliminates the possibility of accidental damage to the clip from tools like a hammer.
  7. Coaxial Cable Clip can hold single or dual coaxial cables.
  8. Available in white and black for color-coding cable management.
  9. Coaxial Cable Clip may be manufactured with extreme temperature resistance and UV protected feature.
  10. Coaxial Cable Clip has an adjustable tooth that allows the clip to expand without damaging the cables or changing the cable clip.
  11. A durable tool that provides long-lasting cable holding.

 2. Single Coaxial Cable Clip

The Single Coaxial Cable Clip is a cable clip that is designed to manage coaxial cables. It is manufactured from polyethylene plastic that grips cables without damaging it. Single Coaxial Cable Clip has an adjustable tooth or ridges to accommodate various ranges of sizes of cables.

DIFVAN Single Coaxial Cable Clip is also designed with a flexible clip that reshapes and can withstand a temperature of -30°F p to 200°F. cable holder clip is also available in white or black with a pre-installed metal screw.

This type of cable clip has the following features:

  • It can hold single cables.
  • It is flexible and will return to its original shape without any damage like breakage.
  • It withstands cold or hot weather.
  • It can wrap your cables without hard pressures.
  • Long-lasting clips and adjustable to fit different sizes of cables.

3. Dual Coaxial Cable Clips

The Coaxial Cable clips, also known as a Siamese or Dual Cable Clips are used in clipping Coaxial Cable. Coaxial cables are used for wiring installations of CCTV camera to transmit on monitors and DVRs or satellites and antennas.

Coaxial Cable clips is a plastic clip created from polyethylene or PVC that won’t cause electrical shorts and won’t damage the coaxial cable, or any other types of cable. Electrical Cable Clamp also designed with a 360-degree grip that holds any type of cable without the worry of it slipping off the clip.

DIFVAN Cable Clamp is commonly used for outdoor application that provides a long-lasting installation.

The Coaxial Cable clip has a double mounting head that uses either a ¼” drive bit, #2 Philips head drill bit or #2 Philips head screwdriver depending on the cable clip size you may need. Cable Clip may also be available in white or black and varies in sizes from 4 mm up to 40 mm a.w.g.

 4. R- Type Screw Cable Clip

The R-Type Screw Cable Clip is made from polyethylene or polyamide plastic or nylon that helps clip and organizes your cables. Screw Cable Clip is designed to be resistant with corrosion and cold temperature on a certain degree.

These cable clips can be used in managing computer cables, TV cables, and other electrical cables. DIFVAN R-Type Screw Cable Clip may also be available in white or black and varies in sizes from 4 mm up to 50 mm depending on the manufacturer.

To use it, put the cable under the clip, and then fix the clamp with a screw to secure the table.

 5. D-Shape Screw Cable Clip

A D-Shape Screw Cable clip is made from either stainless steel, carbon steel, or nickel-plated iron that provides rust resistance, UV resistance and has a working temperature that ranges from -50-degrees up to 300-degree Celsius depending on the manufacturer.

Cable Wire Clips may also come in with rubber lining to provide a soft grip on the cables and avoid damaging it.

DIFVAN D-Shape Screw Cable clip is designed with two screw-able holes that support heavier cable or wiring holding.

Cable Wire Clips is commonly used for supporting cables, conduit or pipes used in telecommunication cables, industrial facilities, automobiles or wire harnesses.

In choosing the right D-shape cable clip for you to use, here are the common sizes available in the market to guide you:

9 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.0 mm
12 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.0 mm
14 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.0 mm
16 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.5 mm
20 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.5 mm
25 mm6.6 mm15 mm1.5 mm
30 mm6.6 mm15 mm2.0 mm
38 mm6.6 mm15 mm2.0 mm
45 mm6.6 mm15 mm2.0 mm
58 mm6.6 mm15 mm2.5 mm
73.5 mm6.6mm15 mm2.5 mm
84.5 mm6.6 mm15 mm2.5 mm
109.5 mm6.6 mm15 mm3.0 mm

6. Half U- Shaped Screw Cable Clip

The Half U-Shaped Cable Clip is a one-sided screw-able cable clamp made from aluminum or zinc-plated steel. Half U-Shaped Cable Clip provides a durable cable holding that is commonly used for industrial cables and outdoor applications.

This electrical cable clips can accommodate 4 mm up to 40 mm cable diameter. DIFVAN cable clips  is a durable tool that can provide high-temperature resistance, withstand high-voltage application and may be in contact with abrasion and flames.

The most suitable cable clip to use in cable management for extreme environments.

7. P- Type Screw Cable Clip


The P- Type Screw Cable Clip is made from zinc- plated steel, carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum that may come in with an EPDM (extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane).

P- Type Screw Cable Clip provides a long-lasting cable management that has chemical resistance, anti- corrosion, quake proof and waterproof feature.

It ranges in sizes from 4 mm up to 150 mm which is commonly used for holding pipes, cables, hoses, and cable harnesses used in industrial or automobile application

When to Use Screw or Nail?

One of the common question in installing cable clips or any type of tools that requires fastening using nails and screw is when to use it and the difference between the two.

Here is a simple guide on how Screw and Nail differ:


Nails is a type of fastener known for its tensile strength and can be installed with just shear strength from a hammer and holds materials on place faster and easier. It has a flat head and smooth shank and sharp point that easily slips after a few hammer rings.


Screws on the other hand have a drive head with a smooth shank followed by a spiral thread and sharp tip. Screws most of the time requires three tools:

  • a screwdriver
  • drill and drill bit
  • screw plug

A screw most of the times requires a pre-drilled hole that depends on the screw size, but it can also be installed with just a drill and drill bit especially on woods.

Both Nails and Screw can be installed on concrete walls, drywall and woods, but both differ in grip strength and shear strength:

The Grip Strength pertains to the ability of the fastener wherein the pressure is from the top to bottom. An example of this is when two boards are installed using a nail it will easily come off after a few movement because of its smooth shank while when a screw is used its thread holds the boards better.

The Shear Strength however pertains to the force applied sideways. Imagine two boards fastened by a screw or a nail. A nail can bend slightly without breaking in accommodating sideway pressure while a screw will break off after a few movement.

Screw or Nails also differ in shear and tensile strength depending where it will be installed. For example, a nail cable clip is suitable for concrete and wood installation and may also come in cheaper because it won’t require you any other tool upon installing.

While a Screw on a cable clip are better used on materials such as plastic, metal or aluminum installation. It may also be used on wood or concrete, but it won’t hold well on it and may be a bit more expensive in terms of installation because it will require you a drill and a drill bit

Adhesive Cable Clips

The Adhesive Cable Clip is a self-adhesive cable clip holder for wall that works in indoor applications. Adhesive Cable Clips made out of polyethylene or nylon that is available in transparent, black and white color.

DIFVAN Adhesive Cable Clip  sizes vary from 16 mm up to 30 mm depending on the manufacturer and come in various styles and designs. Some are meant for small spaces that blend well with the wall’s edge.

You can also find another type that may be used in corners that are easy to reach.

If you are looking to organize lightweight cables, then adhesive cable clip is a good choice. However, do know that it can sometimes damage your paint or wall finish because of strong adhesive that can get in contact with the surface. Without strong adhesion .

Cable Wall Clips may not last long and will entail re-work. It is very useful to make lightweight cables go tidy-looking especially on the tables or walls where you want to route it straight into the outlet. This type of cable clip can be used in the following:

  • Home wires
  • Data Cables
  • Network Cables

You can stick it on the surface because of its synthetic rubber adhesive and makes applications and removal easier. cable wall clips works well on the smooth dry surface.

In using it, just peel off the adhesive cover and make sure to clean the spot of application, making sure it is dry and smooth before applying it.

The table below shows the standard and common sizes that are available in the market:

16 mm16 mm x 16 mm10.7 mm7 mm4 mm5 mm
25 mm25 mm x 25 mm12.7 mm10.9 mm8 mm13 mm
28 mm28 mm x 28 mm14 mm16 mm12 mm18 mm

Advantages of Adhesive Cable Clips

  1. Easy installations that don’t require other tools like a hammer or a drill.
  2. It doesn’t leave unnecessary hole on your wall or workplace.
  3. It is suitable for permanent or temporary cable management.
  4. In installing, it only requires you to remove the adhesive cover.
  5. Suitable for smooth wall, glass or metal installation.
  6. Easy to be replaced and repositioned in various places.
  7. It is designed with a small body type to fits in edges or small corners.
  8. It provides a secure grip of cables that is easy to attach and remove without damaging the cables.
  9. Designed to avoid the cables from slipping off

Types of Adhesive Cable Clips

Adhesive Cable Clip may also come in various types that accommodate various sizes and types of cable in different ways. This provides you a wider range of cable managing depending on your needs and preferences:

Adhesive Cable Clip Clamp

The Adhesive Cable Clip Clamp is cable clip that clamps your cables. Adhesive Cable Clip Clamp can be used on cars, house wirings and office cables. black cable clips is a simple clamping cable clip that helps you organize your cables.

DIFVAN black cable clips  is made up of plastic material which can be mounted to any flat surface. The lock design of this cable clip will allow different cable sizes to fit in the clamp. Adhesive Cable Clip Clamp comes in black and white but not suitable for hiding wirings or on whitewashed walls.

Nevertheless, Cable Clips provides a strong adhesion that sticks well on smooth times and planks.

f you are looking for a decent cable clip to guide your cables and organize them to your workspace or desktop, this is the best choice.  To give you an idea of how much cable clip can hold, this is an example: DVI-D Monitor Cable + Monitor Power Cable + XLR Audio Cable + Headphone Cable can fit into a 1” clip size.

Here are some important reminders when buying an adhesive cable clip clamp:

  • Please take note that if you are bundling some thick cables, the adhesive will not be strong enough to last for a long time. So, it is important that you buy from a reputable store that uses a high quality type of adhesive material.
  • If you are mounting it to a porous surface like pebbles, speckled walls, or rough surface, it will not last long. If you intend to use it temporarily, then it is recommended but if you want to retain your cable there for a longer time, get a non-adhesive type.
  • Use it for cables with less than 1-inch thickness.
  1. Adhesive Self-Adjustable Clamp Cable Clip

The Adhesive Self- Adjustable Clamp Cable Clip is a versatile tool that allows multiple wiring management. electrical cable clips is made out of nylon 66 that is flame retardant and high temperature resistance.

DIFVAN Adhesive Self- Adjustable Clamp Cable Clip  comes in various sizes and comes in black and white. electrical cable clips clamp allows you to clamp cables in a minimum diameter size of 7.62 mm up to 12.7 mm.

Electrical cable clips can be used in various cables like computer/tv cables, printer cords, string lights, Christmas lights and can be applied on wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal and rubber.

  1. Blue lounge Cable Drop Cable Clip

The Blue lounge Cable Drop Cable Clip is an adhesive cable holder that holds wires up to 7.5 mm. Cable Drop Cable Clip has a gentle grip that allows an easy detach and attach function of your cables on any flat surfaces like:

  • Tables
  • Cabinets/drawers
  • Wall
  • Cable clip for car cables

Cable Drop Cable Clip is available in various colors and designs that manage your cables in a corner. Its adhesive is long lasting and may be used for permanent and temporary connections.

DIFVAN Cable Drop Cable Clip is commonly used for holding cables of speakers, handheld devices charger, headphones/ headset, printer cables, etc.

  1. Matal Cable Clips

The Metal Cable Clip is an ideal tool that can withstand the extreme environment. Metal Cable Clip also has an operating temperature of -80°C up to 538°C, which is a suitable replacement for plastic cable clips in extreme environment.

You can agree that electrical cable clips is an  excellent tool for managing cables with the effortless insertion because of  its edge clip.

DIFVAN electrical cable clips  grips firmly on wires and edges without the help of screws or nails and even adhesive. Electrical cable clips is also designed with a double-compression that caters different size of wires and cables.

The table below shows the standard sizes of metal clips that you can buy in the market:

24.0 mm13.0 mm1.0 mm3.0 mm5.0 mm7.6 mm-112°f to +1000°f (-80°c to +538°c)
17.0 mm9.5 mm1.5 mm2.0 mm4.1 mm7.0 mm-112°f to +1000°f (-80°c to +538°c)

Characteristics of Metal Cable Clip

  • Suitable for holding and managing single to multiple cables.
  • Metal Cable Clip is made from stainless steel that provides a corrosion resistant feature.
  • Metal Cable Clip has a smooth clipping edges that reduces damages on cables.
  • Metal Cable Clip doesn’t require tools like a hammer or drill to install
  • Metal Cable Clip has a clipping feature that is suitable for cable managing on metal edges.
  • Metal Cable Clip can withstand extreme temperature.

5. Stainless Steel Wire Clips

The Stainless-steel wire clip is designed with angled grip teeth that securely holds your cables and can be easily slide on edges. Stainless-steel wire clip may be used for PV solar wire cables or any other types of cables that has a width of 5 mm up to 7.6 mm and can hold up to two cables.

Cable wall clips can be installed on frames that have a thickness of 1.5 mm up to 3.2 mm depending on the manufacturer and provide a corrosion resistant clip

6. Bike Stainless Steel Cable Clip

The Bike Cable Clip is made from stainless steel that is highly durable and weather proofing. Bike Cable Clip is a cable clip used to clamp on your bike’s frame to fasten your brake cables, derailleur line and transmission lines to avoid a loose cable from being damaged.

The clip is designed that can hold the cable while it is attached on the bike frame, which is secured with a screw and a nut on both end.

Bike Cable Clip has three common clamping sizes:

25.4 mm / 1 inch42 mm/ 1.65 inch
28.6 mm / 1.13 inch44 mm/ 1.73 inch
31.8 mm/ 1.25 inch46 mm/ 1.81 mm

Best Features of Bike Cable Clip

  1. Suitable to be applied on any part of the bike frame.
  2. Durable and Scratch-free cable clip
  3. Securely holds your bike cables.
  4. Suitable for brake cable, derailleur line, and transmission lines.


Cable Clip Set

A Cable Clip is usually bought in sets of a specific type of cable clip. For example, cable clips from Amazon offers a set of round cable clip from 6 pieces up to 800 pieces per set.

Each set usually comes with the same size and type of the cable clip but only a few offer two or more types and sizes per set. Make sure to check on the amount of cable clip you are going to use based on the length of your cables to buy just the right amount of cable clips.

Cable Clip Packaging

Cable Clips are useful tools needed in each household or work places. Imagine if there is no cable clip; cables can be disorganized and it will even cause danger.

When looking for a durable type of cable clips, only buy from trusted sellers to ensure that you get the highest quality of materials and the value for your money. Usually, you can buy a set of these cable clips in packs of 20s, 50s, or 100s.

There are also kits where you can get different sizes of a particular type.  Since cables may differ in thickness, it is necessary to choose the clip that will fit perfectly without damaging or gripping it too hard.

Where Can I Use Cable Organizing Wire Management Clips?

A Cable Clip can be used in multiple cable assistance. It could be used for your computer cables, tv set cables, cable wirings, lighting cables, or even your own headphones and cables for your handheld devices. Cable Clip is a versatile product suitable for various wiring management from home cables and various cables in your workplace.


The CAT6 Cable and CAT5 CABLE clips are for CAT6 and CAT5 cables which are commonly known as LAN or Ethernet data cable. cable wire clips is a sheathed copper wire cable that supports in quick transferral of large files in a network. cable wire clips is also known as an ethernet cable that connects a computer to the internet.

The size for the CAT5 and CAT 6 are commonly 5mm nail cable clips, but it is also possible to use other types of cable lips depending on your needs and the diameter of cables.


The Speaker cable or speaker wires are electrical connections to loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. The cable clip blue lounger or cable drop clip is common as cable clip for headphones or speakers. They are commonly placed on computer tables or on the wall.


A USB cable can be used in numerous devices from printer, computer, phone charger and other more cables that uses an USB-type connector, just like all the other cables, they easily tangle and make your place less neat with scattered cables everywhere. Cable clips for USB cables help manage your cables from every corner of your table, wall, cabinets or desks.


These cables don’t necessarily pertain to your car cables but cables like charger connectors of your phones. Nowadays, printed maps are rarely used and phones are good enough to direct people to places because of certain apps. Due to this, phone’s batteries easily drain. Cable clips like adhesive cable clips or cable drop clip are good cable holders to your phone chargers that easily stick on your car.

Another use of cable fixings is for the kick down cable. car cables is used to automatically shift the transmission to a higher gear for the engine to increase speed. The kick down cable clip helps to hold the kick down cable found mounted on the carburetor or throttle body. cable fixings has a dimension of 40 x 20 x 15 mm.


A Camera cable requires multiples cables, and long cables will be exposed on your walls dangling on each corner. A cable clip holder- may it be nail or screw cable clip or adhesive cable clips (for those who are in rental houses) helps manage your cable from cluttering.

Cable Wire Clips gives well-organized wiring management without the dangling wires on your ceilings or scattering on the corners of your house or establishments. Cable clips for the camera also avoid damaging your cables than using cable ties or staples to hold them.


A Cable Clip can also be used on shifter brake’s cable of your bikes. masonry cable clips comes in various designs that help hold your bike cables. These masonry cable clips for bikes may be a C-frame buckle cable clip or handcuffs shaped clips that hold your bike cables. It may also be manufactured from plastic nylon or aluminum alloy.


Cable clips for headphones or earphones help you manage your headphone cables. Cable clips can be placed on either the edge of your computer table or on the wall of your office cubicle. cable wall clips arranges cables on a single corner with the worries of entangling them or cluttering your space.

Why are Plastic Cable Clips Banned?

Plastic Cables Clips and other plastic cable support was proposed to be banned as called on by the Steven Borough Council. They called on to remove any plastic cable supports as sole support in any fire alarm and emergency system.

This issue started when two firefighters from Southampton in 2010 (Alan Bannon and James Shears) and another firefighter from 2005 (Jeff Wornham), who died from being entangled on cables in a fire.

According to Wire in Electrical Magazine – Richard Shaw, the managing director of cable cleat manufacturer, called an immediate ban on the use of plastic cable support where fallen cables may put firefighters in more danger.

It is mentioned that the building regulations should be amended on the use of plastic cable support. They proposed that the sole support of cables be banned especially on cables that have a risk of falling like on ceilings and walls.

How to Clip Cable To Brick Wall?

Bricks and Masonry Walls are one of the hardest places to install your nail cable clips or screw down cable clips. One of the reason is, bricks are like biscuits that easily crumbles. One of the common frustrations in applying the cable clips is that the nail will either bounce off, breaking a portion of the brick wall or will be hammered but can be easily torn.

In properly installing it, you will need:

  1. cable clip
  2. drill
  3. drill bit and a nail plug or screw plugs

You can follow this steps in order to have a good and secure installation :

Step 1: Align your cable and mark where you are going to install your cable clip with a pencil.

Step 2: Drill on the wall. Make sure that the drill bit to be used is a millimeter smaller than the nail plug.

Step 3: After drilling, fully hammer down the nail plug on the hole.

Step 4: Hammer down the cable clip.In installing your cable clip, make sure what type of cable clip are you using. If it’s a front clamp type, you can hammer the nail on the nail plug before attaching the cable.

If it’s a 360° clip or a c-clamp nail cable clip, attach the cable on the clip before hammering it down on the nail plug. The same follows for a screw type cable clip.

How to use Adhesive Cable Clips?

Adhesive Cable Clips are one of the easiest cable clip installations that don’t require a tool to install it. Here are the following procedures in installing adhesive cable clips:

Step 1: Clean Surface

Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to the surface where you are going to install the cable clips.

Step 2: Apply Strip

Simply remove the adhesive cover and press firmly on the place where you want to install the cable. If it is an adhesive line, align the square end with the edge clip and press firmly for 30 seconds.

Step 3:  Wait for 1 hour

Wait for an hour before attaching the cables on the clamp or clips of the cable clip

Note: Do not use adhesive cable clips on paper, wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, brick, glass exposed to direct sunlight, or extreme heat conditions.

How to Remove Cable Clips?

There are different ways in removing electrical cable clips depending on what types of cable clips it is.


There are two type of adhesive wire clips for wall: the standard adhesive cable and the one with an adhesive liner.

Steps in Removing Adhesive Cable Clip with adhesive liner:

Step 1. In removing adhesive electrical cable clips with adhesive liner, simply grab the removal tab to prevent the clip from snapping. Hold it on the side not against the wall.

Step 2. Slowly slide the tab flat against the wall until it releases. Be careful not to pull it in various angles because it may dame the surface or clip.

Steps in Removing Adhesive Cable Clip

A standard adhesive white cable clips may sometimes leave a tape residue on the surface where it is installed. In removing it without damaging or leaving any unwanted adhesive here are the following ways to remove it:

  1. Scrape the cable wall clips using any scraping tool like a putty knife to scrape off the adhesive. In doing so, be careful not to scrape the surface too much that may damage the paint or the surface where it is installed.
  2. Some adhesive cable wire clips are designed that can be easily remove or leaves the adhesive behind upon removal especially if it is installed on a painted wall for a long time. In removing it, make sure to remove it quick enough and not too slow because it might pull off the paint along with it.
  3. Warm Soapy water are also ideal in removing adhesive on surfaces like acrylic, paint, copper, plaster, linoleum, marble, plexiglass or vinyl. The warm water helps in softening the tape with the help of a sponge or a cloth.
  4. Smoother surfaces like marbles or masonry tile can also remove left adhesive using a brush or by brushing it off. It is important to know that it might scratch the surface, so make sure to do it lightly.

A Rubbing Alcohol is also one of the most effective liquid to use in removing adhesive on smooth surface like walls, plastic and vinyl. It may also work with acetone or nail remover. In using it make sure that it won’t chemically affect the surface where it’ll be used that may cause discoloration.SCREW OR NAIL CABLE CLIPBoth a screw cable clip and nail cable clip are installed through the use of a hammer or a drill. This requires drilling a hole on the surface of a wall. When you are about to remove it for cable reinstalling it, both will leave holes on your walls.In removing it, there are different ways to do so that depends on the size and the gripping situation of the cable clip. Here are the compiled steps suggested by various cable clip users on how to remove them:

  1. Some cable clips can easily remove with the use of your hand especially the small ones. It doesn’t require that much force in removing it but make sure not to force yourself in pulling it out to avoid accidents.
  2. The claw of a hammer can also be used to remove the cable nail clips. You just simple position the claw on the clamp and gently apply force to pull it off especially on concrete, bricks and masonry walls to avoid chunking it off.
  3. Pliers or grips can also be used in removing cable wall clips. Simply grip on the cable clip and slowly wiggle it out of the wall.

How to Hide Holes Left from Screws and Nails?

A cable clip may it be with nail or screw would definitely leave a hole, here are the steps to hide it or fix it:

  1. You can simply use some sparkle or drywall mud and apply it where the holes are
  2. Let it dry and do some light sanding where the patch work is.

If it is done on a painted surface, you can just simply repaint that area.

How to Clip Cable to Skirting Board?

Cables can be a clip on skirting board in two ways: exposed cables and hidden cables.


Cables like ethernet phone, TV, audio and speaker cables can be installed on skirting boards or cable managing tools without fully hiding it. It is done by just simply installing your cable clips to neatly arrange your cables. This is usually done for unprepared or newly installed cables.

  1. Cable Trunking

A Cable trunking may be manufactured from plastic or metal. Cable trunking is a type of skirting board that hides cables. It has a thin length body that cases wires either vertically or horizontally above the skirting boards. This is used for newly installed cables. DIFVAN Cable trunking  may come in with adhesive base and a cable clipping trunk. Though this may be a convenient tool for hiding your cables the trunking plastic itself may still be unsightly for places that fully exposed it but still neatly arranges your cables.

In installing it, here are the following steps:

  1. Measure the length of where it’ll be installed and cut it using a hacksaw.
  2. Remove the adhesive cover of the trunking plastic and properly align it above or below the skirting board.
  3. After installing, attach the cable inside the trunking plastic.
  4. Finally close off the trunking to fully hide the cables.


Skirting boards can be manufactured with the option of a cable rebate. It varies on the thickness of the skirting board, but the cable rebate is a small recess that channels the cable at the back of the board. It may be designed to hide your unsightly cables and provides a clean skirting board at the bottom or at the top of your wall.

A skirting board is usually used for new built or refurbished houses or establishment that requires a cable rebate. It is also commonly used for planned placement of cables along the walls.

Want to learn how to hide cables using a skirting board? Here is a helpful link you can check out on how to hide cables using skirting board

If you are on a tight budget or if you have some spare time to make some customized cable clips, you can also look for simple materials at home to make one. The good thing about making some DIY black cable clips is you can make whatever size you like depending on the number of cables or how thick your cable is. Want some simple tutorial? Here is a helpful guide from


How to make a Cable Clips?

A coaxial cable clips is a versatile product that can be used in almost every cable binding. It can even be made from materials lying around your house. Here are the steps in making your DIY cable clip using flexible tubing:

Note: This DIY application is for holding or clipping simple wiring like headphone cables, printer cables, etc., any other complicated wiring channeling that is exposed to extreme temperature is not recommended.

If you have some questions or need clarifications about cable clips, kindly send us a message and we will help you find solution to your cable management concerns. We can also send you quotations based on your requirement.


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