Cable Cleats

Cable cleat is used to fasten a single high and low voltage cable.

It can also fasten a cable made of polyethylene with insulation to ensure the stability of the cable on a flat surface or triangular iron.

High-voltage switch cabinet cable clamp is made of flame retardant nylon, 55-75mm² suitable for cable diameter 38-57mm, 90-150mm² suitable for cable diameter 68-100mm, 38-51mm² suitable for cable diameter 3*38-51mm, 69-90mm² suitable for cable diameter 3*69-90mm.

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  • Cable cleats

lv plastic cable clamp

K55-75 Cable Cleats

K90-150 Cable Cleats

SY38-51 Cable Cleats

SY69-90 Cable Cleats

DIFVAN Electric cable cleats have a variety of models to choose from:

black cable cleats

K type series:

mv plastic cable clamp

SY type series:

cable cleat

ModelApplicable cable diameterL1L2L3L4M



Advantage of DIFVAN Cable Cleats

1, Arc design:
The smooth arc design is beautiful and generous, can withstand large dynamic loads, and has stability

2, Flame retardant material:
High-quality glass fiber material, good insulation, nylon flame retardant, good toughness

3, Bottom structure:
Small size, lightweight, easy installation at the bottom structure, saving time and effort, safe and reliable


DIFVAN Electric specializes in the production of cable clamps.

The most popular is cable cleats. There are many models to choose from, K90-150, K75-95, K55-75, K36-52, SY69-90, SY51-69.

Two Bolt Single Way Cable Cleats made of glass resin, glass fiber polyamide material

For fixing three high and low voltage cables. Low-voltage cables, multi-core pre-branched cables, high-voltage cables, mining cables, wind energy cables, single cable safety fixing and building branch cables, flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, building cables, tunnel cables, transmission, and distribution high-voltage cables and wiring fixing, can Use cable clamps instead of cable trays.

Cable cleats can also fix insulated cables made of polyethylene. Ensure the stability of the cable on a certain plane or triangular iron.

Black cable cleats are suitable for temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃, long service life, can be used in indoor and outdoor environments

Cable cleats have five characteristics:

1, Mechanical strength above 1,30,000Nm can withstand large dynamic load and stability when a short circuit occurs

2, Oil resistance: strong durability against alkali, oil and other petroleum products

3, Anti-radiation: strong stability to radiation and ultraviolet

4, ozone resistance: strong stability to ozone

5, Stackable: Can place double or multilayer three high and low voltage cables

DIFVAN Electric also produces Adhesive Based Cable Clamp, insulated clamp, R-type cable clamps. We are the manufacturer. If you want to find cable clamp, DIFVAN electric is a good choice.

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