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Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp

Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp adhesive pads, high cohesive strength and long lasting, can be stick to any flat surfaces, Black and white  cable clamp made of UL approved nylon 66,can be adjusted according to the size of the wire cable, and can freely release, very practical.

Cable Cleats

Featuring a unique Push Button Release constructed with flexible and durable polycarbonate. Integrally attached Carry Handle serrated for easy grip. Carry handle also includes a built-in lanyard hole allowing for attachment of rope, wire, or hook. Lanyard hole may be used for tethering of Cable Clamp PRO to cords, cable, and other devices.

Adhesive Based Cable Clamp

High strength peel and stick adhesive pad resists dislodgement from ordinary movements or tugging of cables. With adjustable diameter, cables of varying quantities or thickness can be held by the same size of clamp.

Hose Clamp

The pipe clamp is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material, which is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof. Sturdy material ensures adjustable hose clamps for long periods of use

Insulated clamps

Designed and manufactured from extremely durable polyethylene, which is the same material of cable jackets, the Screw cable clips wrap around the cable without applying pressure on the cable.

wire rope clamp

Wire cable clamps are perfect for rigging rope, wire and cable in unlimited applications mainly in rigging, temporary guardrail systems, securing loads, and basically anything that involves cables
Malleable Electro-Galvanized Wire Rope Clips for Light Duty

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DIFVAN is a fixed wire of course solution,Clamps are marine grade. Perfect to apply in automotive, industrial, boat/marine, windshield, household etc. for wiring, cables, pipe, rack, line management and restoration. No matter in salt water/air environment.

The cable clamp have aging resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, UV resistance, fire protection, so cable clamp is very durable.

DIFVAN cable clamps have many types like Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp, R-Type Cable Clamp, Adhesive Cable Clamp, P-Type Cable Clamp, Cable Clamp Pro.

R-Type Cable Clamp is Only need to put the wire into the round hole, and tighten the wires with one screw.  Fast and convenient. Not only save you time, but also save your energy. Beside, they can be used repeatedly.

Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp can be easily unlocked to add or remove cables, Adjustable and Reusable,  can be easily unlocked to add or remove.

Adhesive Cable Clamp will fit large medium and small cables    Can be adjusted, suitable for all kind of different cable in your home, office, and car, meet your all need. suitable for all kind of different cable in your home, office, and car, meet your all need.

DIFVAN cable clamp also names nylon clamps, flat cable clamp per the different place it used.

DIFVAN cable clamp have the advantages of Plastic Holds up well, isn’t flimsy and won’t snap easily.

DIFVAN can provide free samples service for cable clamp. You can get the samples in your company directly.



The electrical industry is changing from every generation to improve the life of many consumers. In doing so, numerous appliances, machinery, and devices use electricity. It requires numerous lines, cables and connections to connect to the main source towards the consumers. Though this is one of the greatest advancement of humankind, seeing cluttered and once in a while tangling cables is an eyesore in any workplace or even at home. It is a necessity to have a “clutter-free” environment especially workplaces that deals with electricity.

Tangled or cluttered cables could cause numerous problems to the connection itself. One of the few common connection problems can be:

  • Short circuit and connection failures
  • Unintentionally pulling out your connections
  • Removed or uninstalled the wrong cables and
  • Other various possible accidents to the user, your worker, and the machine or device it is connected to

That is why, it is now a necessity to use various cable managing tools available in the market that is designed to clamp or clip your cables, holding it in place for long-lasting usages like cable ties, and cable clips. The difference of a cable clamp is its added features solely designed to protect and secure your connections that deals with a cable that is exposed to the extreme environment.

A cable clamp is a specialized clamping tool to ensure your connection’s safety and yourself. It is designed to suit various applications and more durable than your typical cable ties or cable clip.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Cable Clamp, we confidently provide high-quality cable clamp suitable for your needs. Rest assured that we understand your concerns and we are a reliable supplier in the market. If you need more help and information about Cable Clamps, you can send us an email and we’ll be glad to assist you with any of your concerns.

For details and information about Cable Clamps, please continue to read on the following:

What is a Cable Clamp?

A Cable Clamp is a versatile clamping tool designed to protect and secure your cable connections. DIFVAN Cable Clamp aims to fix the problem of tangling cables and provide a clutter-free environment for your workplace. Cable clamps are also designed to manage cables that deals from low up to high voltage circuitry, protection against the harsh environment, environmental elements, and corrosion resistance.


A Cable Clamp has three main features:

1.) Compatibility in Harsh Environment- It is compatible and safe to use in workplace and connections that is exposed to environmental hazards. P clamp is different from other types of cable managing tools that melts or deteriorate after exposure to certain temperature or exposure to certain environmental elements. Cable clamps are designed to withstand that and has materials that self-extinguish possible fire occurrences. The best solution for long-lasting cable management.


2.) Easy Installation-  Cable p Clips is one of the cable managing tools that doesn’t require any complicated tools to install. Nylon clamps commonly uses a no. 10 screw while a few are a cable clamp adhesive type. Some innovation is also designed with an adjustable clamp like the Cable Clamp Pro suitable for all types and sizes of cable. Here is one good example on how you can install or mount the cable clamp properly:

3.) Cable Organizer- Nylon clamps is a versatile clamping tool suitable for all types and sizes of cable. Other than that, DIFVAN Nylon clamps could also be used to hold and secure hoses, tubing, various control cabinets and panels, and other materials that requires holding or a clamping tool.



The Plastic cable clamps are widely used type of clamping tool commonly manufactured from UL 94 self-extinguishing Nylon 66 or polyamide material. It has working temperature of -40°C up to 105°C and can accommodate cables sizes from 1/4” up to 5/16” depending on the manufacturer. It is also available in different cable clamping styles that suits your application needs. Most nylon cable clamps require a screw to completely fasten the clamp on the mount while other clamps are designed with a durable foam adhesive for light cable holding or applications with smooth surfaces. You can use it to fix the following:

  • Electrical cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • Electronic cord
  • Tubing
  • Hoses



Characteristic of Plastic Cable Clamps

  1. Plastic Cable clamps are replacement for heavy duty cable clamps, suitable for light cable holding.
  2. Plastic Cable clamps are a durable and versatile clamping tool that can hold light to medium materials.
  3. Plastic Cable clamps is available in various styles that will suit your clamping applications.
  4. Plastic Cable clamps is manufactured from Nylon 66 and has a working temperature of -40°C up to 105°C. It won’t simply melt nor deteriorate after exposure to these temperatures.
  5. Designed with a soft clamping diameter that won’t damage your cable jacket and hold them securely.
  6. Some are designed with an adjustable clamp to fit various sizes of cables and other tools.
  7. Provides an easy installation process that won’t require you to purchase more tools or equipment.


  1. SE Type Cable Clamp

The SE Type Cable Clamp is a single or multicore cable clamping tool for both armored or unarmored SE (Service Entrance) Type Cable. plastic wire clamp can used for cables that deals from low, medium and high voltage providing you protection against possible short circuit. plastic wire clamp may also be used for tubes and hoses that has a diameter of 15 mm up to 170 mm.

The p clamp is manufactured from UL94 self-extinguishing polyamide (PA) material, reinforced with glass fiber and halogen-free materials. DIFVAN P clamp is resistant against corrosion and environmental contaminants like oil, salt, moisture, and acids, ensuring a durable clamping tool for your cables. plastic wire clamp also has a working temperature of -40°C up to 120°C depending on the manufacturer, that is in accordance to the IEC 61914 international standard.

Here are the SE Type Cable Clamp sizes available in the market to guide you:

SE TYPE CABLE CLAMP15-26 mm77 mm30- 46 mm
26- 38 mm92 mm40- 56 mm
36- 52 mm105 mm54- 70 mm
50- 75 mm126 mm68- 93 mm
75- 100 mm200 mm102- 127 mm
100- 135 mm225 mm128- 163 mm
135- 170 mm260 mm195- 231 mm

There are two types of SE Type Cable Clamp:

1.SE Type Single Cable Clamp– this type is specifically used for short-circuit resistant fastening of single or medium, high voltage cables. P clamps for cables are different sizes available for this depending on the size of cable to be used.

Specifically, P clamps for cables can be used for cables with a diameter from 15mm to 170mm. It is oil resistant and other substances like heat, UV, moisture, acids, and radiation. They can be recyclable.

2.SE Type Two-Bolt Single Way Cleat – this type is used for mounting one single or multi-conductor table. P clamps for cables have different sizes depending on the size of cable that you will use it for. You can use this on cables, conduits or hoses that have a diameter of about 36 up to 135mm.

P clamps for cables is oil-resistant, moisture and salt resistant. You can purchase this as pre-mounted already and usually in black color.

  1. R-Type Cable Clamp

The R-Type Cable Clamp is manufactured from UL94 V2 plastic nylon. It can be used for various clamping applications like electrical cables, electronic cords and ethernet cables. DIFVAN R-Type Cable Clamp is also assorted in various sizes that ranges from 1/6” up to 5/16” that suits your clamping needs. You can use it in the following:

  • Snowmobile wires
  • Computer (LAN and Ethernet cables) and electrical power cables
  • TV cords and routing cables
  • Desk wall cables


High quality R-type cable clamps are aging and corrosion-resistant, weather resistant, and fire-resistant. It is an ideal cable management tool when you want to hide or simply gather messy cables. adjustable cable clamps is an effective and affordable way of tidying your homes and work spaces by keeping your cables or conduit under control. adjustable cable clamps is mostly available in black for aluminum and white color for plastic in most suppliers.

R-type cable clamps is designed to ease the installation process and commonly requires a no.10 screw to completely seal the clamp. For easy application, just place the wires in the buckle and secure it with a screw. It helps organize your cables and provides a clutter-free workplace.

If you are looking for an example where to buy or how many clamps can you buy per bags or packs, a cable clamp lowes offers a full clamp that ranges in sizes from ½ inch nylon clamp up to 5/8 inch. R-type cable clamps is commonly sold with 2 to 8 pieces of cable clamps per bag or packs. Some other manufacturers in the market offer much more per bags, but make sure to buy just enough to your clamping needs.

R-TYPE CABLE CLAMPR-TYPE 1/4”22 mm6.35 mm
R-TYPE 1/8”19.8 mm3.2 mm
R-TYPE 1/2”31 mm12.7 mm
R-TYPE 3/4”35 mm19.4 mm
R-TYPE 3/8”24 mm9.5 mm
R-TYPE 3/16”19.8 mm4.8 mm
R-TYPE 5/8”34.3 mm15.8 mm
R-TYPE 5/16”22 mm7.9 mm
R-TYPE 1”43 mm25.4 mm


  1. P-Type Cable Clamp

The P-Type Cable Clamp is manufactured from UL94 V2 nylon 66. These nylon cable clamps are available in black and white colors and variety of sizes from 1/8” up to 3/8” depending on the manufacturer. nylon clamps is a suitable tool for bundling and mounting cables and wires.

The nylon clamp is designed with a soft inner edge that prevents damage on your cable jackets and securely protects and holds your connection up to 185°C, suitable to various environment.

In installing it, you just simply need to slip the cable or wire on the clamp opening, and then secure it with a screw. nylon clamp is fast and convenient! This type of cable clamp is also reusable because of its durability. You can use it to hold cables in the following:

  • Home appliances
  • Cars
  • Electronics and electrical apparatus
  1. Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp


This plastic cable clamp is UL approved Nylon 66 that has an adjustable toothed clamp suitable for all types of cable sizes. plastic cable clamp is made up of very durable plastic to provide neat cable management system. Self Adhesive Cable Clips is designed with a self-adhesive tape suitable to applications with smooth surfaces and environment that can’t mount screw type application.

Self Adhesive Cable Clips is designed with a minimum clamping size of 10 mm up to a maximum of 30 mm. It can be applied on board, metal, plastic or on glass. The adjustable cable clamp may also be available in white and black or various colors depending on the manufacturer. Adhesive Cable Clamps can securely support and bundles of cables with self-locking and fastening features. Adhesive Cable Clamps can be used in many applications such as the following:


  • Computers or television
  • Home or Office wires
  • Engineering wirings
  • Home appliances
  • Lightings, motors and electronic toys
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Pipeline and cable line fixing
  • Gardening
  • Handicrafts
  1. Stud Type Cable Clamp

The white cable clamps is a mounted clamp that provides a more secure fastening. It is manufactured from UL94 V2 Nylon 66 with a working temperature of -40°c up to 85°C. cable p clips has an average height of 18.9 mm, length of 29.9 mm and a width of 10.0 mm. cable p clips can accommodate cables up to 12.7 mm depending on the manufacturer. It can also be fit in several threads like M4, M5, #8 and #10 Screw or Stud. This type is mounted by the part being pushed onto a stud or screw to provide a secure fastening.

  1. D -Type Adhesive Cable Clamp

The D Style Adhesive Cable Clamp is an acrylic based adhesive clamp that allows easy installation and durable clamp. adhesive cable clamps is manufactured from UL94 V-0 PVC material and available in various colors depending on the manufacturer. It has a working temperature of 0 up to 50°C and standard sizes that can accommodate cables from 6.4 mm up to 33 mm.

This is an adhesive type of cable clamp for an easier installation. If your purpose is to hold a thin cable temporarily, this can be a good solution. adhesive cable clamps can keep everything in place neatly without a hassle. It can hold home or office cables most especially in desks or simple cables along the walls. Self Adhesive Cable Clips has to be installed in clean surfaces of your door, cabinets, walls, tight spaces, or if you are installing Christmas lights and want to keep a tidy set up. Just please take note that if you are sticking it in a glass surface, make sure that it is dry and smooth to stick properly.

Here is a table of standard sizes for D-Type Cable Clamp:

D-Type Cable Clamp12.7 mm12.7 mm10.2 mm6.4 mm
19.1 mm19.1 mm18.5 mm12.7 mm
28.6 mm25.4 mm25.9 mm19.1 mm
38.1 mm31.8 mm33 mm25.4 mm
  1. Clip Lock Adhesive Based Cable Clamp

The Clip Lock Cable Clamp is manufactured from UL94 V2 polyamide 6.6 material. Self adhesive cable clips is designed with a dual installation process to provide support for cables and tubing. It can be install with a M4 screw or with its adhesive foam if drilling is not possible. adhesive cable clamps has a working temperature of -40°C up to 80°C and has a dielectric strength of 550kV/mm.

In installing it, you just need to slip the tubing or cable in the clamp and lock it with its clip, then you have the option of either screw it on or stick it using its adhesive based foam. This provides a secure and safe cable managing for your cables.

Here are the standard sizes available in the market:

Clip Lock Adhesive Based Cable Clamp25.6 mm13.2 mm4.9 mm6 mm
28.5 mm15.5 mm4.9 mm9 mm
34.5 mm19.5 mm5.2 mm12 mm
36.4 mm20.3 mm4.8 mm14 mm
38.2 mm21.3 mm5.2 mm16 mm
41 mm24.8 mm4.8 mm18 mm


This type of cable clamp is versatile since you can adjust it for bundling 1 or more cables. DIFVAN adhesive cable clips can keep your cables organized, mess-free, and safe if you have little children in the house. You can use it for managing cables like in your computer, TV, power cords, and network cables even on your work spaces.


Metal cable clamps is another type of cable clamping tool manufactured from various types of metals. metal p clips could be aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel depending on the application and the manufacturer.

Each metal clamp available in the market offers various clamping styles. Some are designed with adhesive foam base or screw mount type, which you could choose from to suit your clamping needs.

Adhesive based metal clamp could be the ideal clamping tool for you that could be used for general applications. metal p clips is a suitable cable clamp where drilling or dust cannot be allowed.

These are places that involve sanitary facilities or hospitals. Screw-on types of clamps are also available that can be used in various installations and sizes.

In addition, each type of metals used to manufacture these clamps has their own advantages to suit your clamping needs.

In this example of metal cable clamp, the adjustable feature is beneficial to different applications when you are wiring a bundle of cables. Because it is elastic, you can mount it easily using a base. metal cable clamps  has a good resistance to chemical, aging and ozone

1.Aluminum Cable Clamp

If you are looking for a cable clamp that doesn’t require tools in installation and can accommodate light cables, then aluminum cable clamps may be for you. This Aluminum cable clamp is designed with an adhesive foam, suitable for clamping cables and wires where adhesive plastic cable clamps cannot be used. Metal cable clamps is a type of clamping tool that doesn’t require any tool, because its clamp can be manually removed and closed. You can use this type of clamp if you want to cut vibration as it protects your cables or looms.

Metal cable clamps is also designed to hold your cables without damaging your cable jackets and may be used multiple times. It has a working temperature of -40°C up to 70°C and can accommodate from 6 mm up to 10 mm cables. They are commonly bought in bulks and small in appearance that suits installation for small spaces or corners.

In installing it, Metal cable clamps requires a clean flat surface for the adhesion to properly stick. Manually open the clamp with your hands and gently close it tight enough for the size of the cable.

Here is a table of standard sizes available in the market:

10 mm16 x 19 mm

High- Voltage Aluminum cable clamps are very useful for your connection when you have cables that have about 3- 5 inches in diameter. This can give you a secure mounting because this type of clamp already includes the nuts, bolts, and washers. It is also compatible with various sheathing options and can be used with compression springs.

  1. Galvanized Steel Adhesive Cable Clamp

The Galvanized Steel Adhesive type cable clamp is one of the cheapest metal type of cable clamp. A galvanized steel cable clamp is manufactured with steel and a layer of zinc coating on its surface to prevent corrosion like rust over time.

self adhesive cable clips is designed with an adhesive polyethylene foam on its base and a working temperature of -30°C up to 60°C depending on the manufacturer. It has a metal tab as its clamp that can be deformed and accommodate cables or all types of conductors from 3 mm up to 16 mm.

self adhesive cable clips is a suitable clamping tool where drilling that may cause dust or noises cannot be allowed (e.g. hospital services) or areas that are hard to access. They are generally used constructions for fittings and pipes in houses, and small project installations.


Here are the following standard sizes of galvanized steel cable clamp available in the market:

Galvanized Steel Cable Clamp3 mm20 mm15 mm
4 mm30 mm20 mm
8 mm35 mm25 mm
12 mm43 mm31 mm
16 mm51mm38 mm

You can also choose the one without adhesive. It is adjustable and looks like a ring with a diameter ranging from 10-60mm.  Adhesive type cable clamp ensures the tensil strength and applicable for different hoses and conduit sizes .

  1. P-Type Cable Clamp

The P-type Cable Clamp is manufactured from zinc-plated steel. stainless steel p clips is RoHS certified that can accommodate various sizes of cables and fittings. It is commonly available in sizes from 4.75 mm up to 11.10 mm depending on the manufacturer.

stainless steel p clips is designed with lead-free materials and has resistance to various corrosion like rusts and moisture. If you are interested in this type of cable clamp here are the sizes available in the market:

P-Type Steel Cable Clamp4. 75 mm12. 70 mm5. 16 mm
6. 35 mm12. 70 mm5. 16 mm
7. 92 mm12. 70 mm5. 16 mm
9. 53 mm12. 70 mm5. 16 mm
11. 10 mm12.70 mm5.16 mm

Stainless Steel type of cable clamp is commonly bought for its high corrosion resistance and durability suitable for industrial applications. This type of cable clamp is manufactured from stainless steel which is ideal for harsh environments where wires, cables, or other various installations are exposed salt or acidic elements. stainless steel p clips is also commonly used for boating or marine environment and available in various clamping types like U-bolt, and screw type.

If you want a corrosion resistant and versatile type of clamping tool to secure your cables, stainless steel cable clamp is the ideal tool for you, suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. metal p clips is also widely used to secure the following:

  • Electrical lines
  • Cables
  • Various types of tubing and pipe
  • Hoses
  • Fuel lines

Best Features of Stainless Steel Cable Clamp

  1. A versatile clamping tool suitable for a wide range of application.
  2. Corrosion resistant.
  3. Resistant to various elements like oil, salt, and moisture.
  4. Sturdy and reliable clamping tool for indoor and outdoor application.
  5. Manufactured from stainless steel material.
  6. Designed to secure and protects your connection in place.
  7. Easy to use and reliable cable manager.


  1. Rubber Insulated Stainless Steel Cable Clamp

The P-type cable clamp is a clamping tool insulated with rubber capable of withstanding harsh environments. rubber tube clamp is manufactured from Type 304 material that has chromium-nickel alloy and low-level carbon, a widely used material suitable against corrosion, resistant to oil, rust, salt and moisture.

Rubber tube clamp is designed with an insulating rubber that perfectly holds your cables and tubes without causing any damage on it.

The Rubber insulated Cable Clamp ¼ inch is widely available in the market. It has a ¼ inch clamp hole diameter and can accommodate various cables, hoses, or wirings and lines that have a 15 mm size.  It may also be available in other sizes depending on the manufacturer.

An example of where you can buy this is at Lowes which are commonly sold in 2 pieces per packs/bags. A cable clamp lowes offers a suspension type clamp with sizes that ranges from ¼ inch up to 5/8inch clamping diameter.

  1. P—Type Cable Clamp

The P-Type Cable clamp is manufactured from 304 stainless steel materials coated with polyolefin plastic. It is commonly available in ¾” sizes and uses #10 screw size.

They are designed for outdoor application or harsh environment, suitable as a heavy-duty clamp that protect against corrosion. insulated clamps is designed with smooth edges that won’t damage your cables, and insulated clamps is  polyolefin coating is suitable for handling electricity flow because of its flexibility in low temperatures.

  1. Adjustable Polyamide Cable Clamp

This cable clamp is made out of polyamide 6. This type is efficient for cable management such as those used in adjustable miniature cable clamps that are suitable for fixing cables. With its tensile strength, Metal  cable clamp has 3 to 7.5mm capacity resistance and can work with -20 to +70° C temperature.




In installing Cable Clamps, the process in choosing the right cable clamp will be the deciding factor if the application of the clamp will be successful.

One of the common errors occurred in cable clamp installation is choosing the incorrect clamp suitable or what you needed based on the application environment.

We are fully aware of the struggle and maintenance cost it will take you if connection problems and clamping problem continuously reoccurring.

Here is a list of guides to help you decide and give notes on how to install and choose the right cable clamp for you:

What type of Cable Clamp do I need to buy?

In identifying what type of cable clamp to buy, you just simply need to answer the following questions:

  1. Item to be secured:
  • What is the items diameter size?
  • Is it rounded or flat-shaped?
  1. Environment:
  • Is it for High Temperature or Low Temperature Environment?
  • Does the cable clamp you need is for continuous temperature exposure?
  • What operating temperature do you need?
  1. Element Exposure:
  • Will it be exposed to various liquids or elements?
  • What are the type of fluids will it be exposed to?
  1. Vibrations and Shocks:
  • Do your items expose to various vibrations or shocks?
  • What is the vibrations or shocks range will it be exposed to: High, Medium, Low?
  1. Application Area:
  • Where are you going to install it, inside or outside?
  1. Structural Considerations:
  • Where do you need to mount it? Do you need a stud type, bolt or adhesive?
  • What is the position of mounting, inverted, horizontal or vertical?
  • Are there any possible external forces?
  • Will it suffer any abrasions?
  1. Installation Prospect:
  • Are the clamps to be used for wiring or tube bundling?
  • Will it be placed in the wiring installation of the structure?
  • Is it to be installed on how the wiring was placed?
  1. Cost
  • Is it a general type of clamp?
  • Do you need a branded cable clamp?
  • What material do you prefer? Nylon, Metal or Stainless Steel?


If you are able to answer the questions above then, you’ll have a better understanding on what type of cable clamp you might need to look for.

How do you install a Cable Clamp?

Here are the following guides on to help you properly install your cable clamps:


Step #1: Check the Fitting:

In installing your cable clamp, it is vital that you select the correct size of your clamp for your cables. It shouldn’t be loose nor too tight for your clamps. A loose clamp may cause foreign matters or various elements to enter within the clamp and your cables that will lead to abrasion or clamp breakage.

While a clamp too tight for your connection will easily brake and will lead to fitting failure. In addition to that, it may also damage your cables that may cause termination failure.


Step #2: Properly position your Clamp

In installing your cable clamp, properly position your clamp at least 90 degrees to the cable or tubing. This is to make sure that it won’t damage your cables and the clamp. Misaligning your installation will cause abrasion or greater connection problem.

If positioning of the cable or tubing is already flexed because of how it is installed, it is suggested to change your clamp with a 2-hole mounting or a saddle type clamp for your connection. It is also important to DO NOT CLAMP on the bended part of the tube or the cables. This is to avoid distorting your clamp and cause abrasion and clamping failure.


Step #3: Spacing of your Clamp

The spacing of your clamps must already been planned beforehand.  It is important to consider the flexure, surges, load, vibration and the operation temperature of your cables or tubing.

When mounting your clamps also consider the direction of the flexure or surge of the tubing. If it is only in one direction, position it against the force. If it occurs on both direction, it is suggested to install the clamps alternately to fully support your tubing.


Step #4: Check your Specifications

It is important to always check the specifications of your clamp that suits your installation needs. This is to make sure that it will fully support and protect your cables and tubing.

Each cable clamps have their own specifications from their sizes, materials, operating temperature and suitable to where it should be installed. Some other clamps also have details on how it should be installed, so make sure to take the time and read it.


Step #5: Reusing and Replacing Cable Clamps

There are instances wherein reinstalling or reusing cable clamps to save cost may not always be a good decision. In reusing your clamps, make sure to check if there are any abrasions or damage.

Take note that reusing cable clamps on engines like aircraft turbojets, hydraulic systems, or environment where continuous exposure to heat and vibration shouldn’t be done.

Exposure to these conditions is certain to fatigue the metal of your clamp and damage its rubber structure.

If you are planning to replace a certain cable clamp, make sure to check the specifications of the clamp you are going to use especially if it isn’t the same product.

Similar clamps might cause misaligning and might be environmentally incompatible with your connections. If it is possible to just buy the same product you first use for replacing it.



The Cable Clamp Pro is one of the newly innovated cable clamping tool that can be used in various applications. Cable cuff pro is a unique product that is easy to use, adjustable, reusable and suitable for various types of cable and cord holding. A Cable Clamp Pro can be used to organize for the following applications:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Jumper Cables
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Desktop Computer/ Mobile
  • Christmas Lights/ Led-lined Lights
  • Water Hoses
  • Extension Cords
  • Cable cuff pro is manufactured from polycarbonate/ABS polymers with stainless spring steels. It is currently available in three sizes: small, medium and large that can accommodate a wide range of applications. Cable cuff pro may also be available in various colors like white, white-black, green-black, and yellow-black.A Cable Clamp Pro has the following features:
    • Push Button Release
    • Pop-Up Peg Hook D Ring
    • Carry Handle
    • Lanyard Hole
    • Patented Hinge

    Here is a detailed size range of Cable Clamp Pro available in the market:





    SMALL20. 64 mm28. 58 mm0.32 oz or 9.1 gm
    MEDIUM42.85 mm50.8 mm0.62 oz or 17.7 gm
    LARGE69.85 mm78.99 mm1.54 oz or 43.9 gm

A Wire Rope Clip is the answer to fixing loose end length of a wire rope. It also known as U-bolt clamp or U-bolt clip commonly manufactured from zinc-plated steel. The Zinc-plated finish provides a corrosion resistant U-bolts accompanied with two nuts to secure the clipping and a malleable iron saddle to hold the wire rope. wire rope clamp commonly requires two to three wire rope clips to secure a loose wire rope end.

Here is an example standard sizes of wire rope clip that includes the minimum of cable clips used:

WIRE ROPE CLIP1/8 inch34- 3/4 inch
1/4 inch37 inch
1/2 inch415- 1/4 inch
3/16 inch35- 1/2 inch
3/8 inch39- 1/2 inch
5/16 inch37- 3/4 inch
7/16 inch310- 1/4 inch

A Wire Rope have various types from the materials used and its purposes, the same goes with a wire rope clip. There are commonly two types of Wire Rope Clip: Drop Forged Wire Rope and Malleable Wire Rope Clip.

Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip

The Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip is a heavy duty of clamp made from galvanized steel with a heavy coating a zinc solution, this makes the clip more durable suitable for harsh environment and can hold sustaining overhead lifting loads for a longer duration. wire rope clamp is commonly used for guy lines/ wire or support lines.

Malleable Clips

A Malleable Clip is a light duty wire rope clip that is suitable for holding loads near the ground. wire rope clamp is softer than a drop forged wire clip and not suitable for overhead lifting loads.




Here is a chart of standard sizes of malleable wire rope clip available in the market:

Malleable Wire Rope Clip1 inch0.80 lbs.
½ inch0.34 lbs.
¼ inch0.08 lbs.
1/8 inch0.02 lbs.
1/16 inch0.01 lbs.
¾ inch0.65 lbs.
3/8 inch0.23 lbs.
3/16 inch0.03 lbs.
5/8 inch0.50 lbs.
5/16 inch0.14 lbs.
7/8 inch0.75 lbs.
7/16 inch0.25 lbs.
9/16 inch0.42 lbs.

How to use a Wire Rope Clip?

A Wire Rope Clip should be installed in a proper way. In using it, there is a phrase to help you easily remember how to install it. “Never saddle a dead horse”.

wire rope clamp means that, you should know the dead end of a wire is and the live end. The dead end of a wire rope is the one that contains the cut, wire rope clamp should always be the one in contact with the U-bolt, then the saddle should be in contact with the live end. Here is a picture on how it is correctly applied.

In using your wire rope clip, it is important to know each part. Each part supports to clamp the wire rope tightly enough to hold it down without damaging it. A wire rope clip has three main parts:

  1. U-bolt: it is the u-shape bolt with screwheads on both ends that supports in holding down the wire rope.
  2. Nuts: the nuts are a type of fastener with a threaded hole. It is used to fasten and secure the clamping to the wire rope. It is placed on both ends of the U-bolt.
  3. Saddle: the saddle is also known as the body or the base of the wire rope clip.


How to Prepare your Wire Rope?

  1. Prepare the materials to be used. You will need a tape measure, a seizing tap or a thin wire for thick wire rope, torque wrench, your wire rope clip, cutting tool and your reference information for your wire rope and wire rope clip.
  2. Put a tape before the end of your wire rope clip. This helps to easily to cut off any kinked portion or the rope. If you don’t need to cut, just tightly wrap your tape around the end of the wire rope to avoid from fraying.

If you are going to use a bigger wire rope clip, you may use a soft thin wire to hold the end pf the wire rope to avoid its strand from fraying.

  1. Measure the turnback of the wire rope. This is from the end of the wire rope to the length based on your reference sheet. After measuring, mark how large the eye of your rope to the live end. Mark also the live end on where the dead-end ends to ensure the length of your wire rope before installing the clip.
  2. Align your wire rope based on your markings and insert your wire rope clip. Check if the saddle is on the live end of the rope. Use the torque wrench to fasten the nuts and apply the rest of the clip. The amount of wire rope clip to be installed is based on the thickness of the wire rope. It commonly needs 2 to three wire rope clips.
  3. if you are going to use a thimble on the eye of the rope, simply insert it before placing the last clip, then push it to snug it against the thimble. If you are not going to use a thimble you can just simply insert the last clip and align it on your makings.

Here are some important notes in using a wire rope clip:

  1. In installing wire rope clips, make sure to check any abrasion on the wire rope.
  2. Make sure to install it over the bare wire rope only, do not directly connect the wire rope in straight lengths.
  3. Make sure to insert a wire rope thimble to prevent abrasion and wearing of the rope.
  4. Buy your wire rope clip from reliable stores.

Cable Clamp Kit and Packages

If you are wondering if you could get a variety of cable clamps in one package, then there are several kits that you can purchase that includes assorted sizes depending on types. Here are some examples of kits that you can get from the market:


  1. Stainless Steel Rubber Cushion Pipe Clamps

– This kit contains assortment of cable clamps with 5 sizes that are used for cable cord installation. They are made of stainless steel materials with rubber cushion clamp pipes. You can easily bend, twist or move it when you are installing it without damaging the other components. It is mainly used in soft tubes, steel tubes, or aluminum wire cables for boats/marines, cars, windshields and home uses.


  1. Plastic R-Type Cable Clamp

– This kit contains assortment of black nylon cable clamps in different sizes. If you need size 5mm up to 25mm, this is a good choice. You can use it in different applications like routing cables, fixing messy wires at homes or in your cars.

A Cable Clamp can serve a variety of purposes. Sometimes, you may find that different suppliers may give you several terms for each kind. To fully understand each type is very important because your installation requirement may only work for a specific type of cable clamp. As a recap, Cable Clamps are categorized based on material used to make it: Plastic/Nylon, Metal and Stainless Steel. Each category has its own type of cable clamps that are used for different sizes of cables that you want to install. You can choose from adhesive to non-adhesive types. Overall, cable clamps are very effective, efficient and durable tools to manage your cables.

If you need more assistance and would like to purchase in bulk, kindly send us an email with your queries and we will be glad to assist you with any of your concern/s.

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