Hook Blade Terminal


DIFVAN blade terminals are single wire electric connections with flat conductive blades. The terminal is made of high purity copper that is oxygen free to protect against corrosion. Standard lug crimper is used to crimp the terminal lugs.

  • lipped blade terminal

Hook Blade Terminal

Blade Terminal Type

  • PVC Blade terminal
  • Nylon Blade terminal
  • Double crimp blade terminal

Blade terminal size chart as following:

Single Crimp Blade Terminal VS Double Crimp Blade Terminal

Wire Range

Crimp Blade Terminal




Vinyl InsulatedNylon InsulatedDouble CrimpWLFE

22-16 A.W.G






16-14 A.W.G




12-10 A.W.G




blade terminal connectors 

1. Vinyl insulated fork terminals; Nylon insulated fork terminals, heat shrink insulated fork terminals and double crimp spade terminals can be chosen as per your application.

2. The material is made by 100% pure copper with oxygen free.

3. Smooth appearance with no burs, extra annealing process to give the terminals more strength.

4. CE & SGS standard to ensure all terminals are at the high-quality level.

5. Tool & Use

DF-03J Crimping tool can be a proper tool for blade terminals.

blade connector

Insulated Blade Terminal and double crimped blade terminals are widely used in in the following applications:

  1. Used in Automotive for Aftermarket audio and Aftermarket wiring harnesses
  2. Used in Consumer electronics for Appliances, white goods, and brown goods
  3. Used in Industries for Terminal blocks, Sockets, circuit breakers, and Wiring Harnesses.
  4. Used in Industrial Automation like Electrical panels.

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

Difvan: Your Best Hook Blade Terminal Manufacturer


DIFVAN Blade Terminal is a kind of wire terminal that used a flat conductive flat blade to insert into a blade receptacle.

Different from Blade terminals, DIFVAN Lipped Blade Terminal have an extra Unique Lipped end to lock the terminals firmly to the connection part.

DIFVAN Lipped Blade terminals have the following futures:

  1. Made by 99.99% purity T2 copper, surface plated with corrosion-resistant tin.
  2. Color-coded by Stud and wire range to identify easily
  3. Extra-long chambered barrel to avoid missed crimps
  4. A deep internal serration to provide a larger contact area
  5. Selected annealing to make barrel soft for crimping. Not easy to break.

These Lipped blade terminals have three different wire gauges, LBV1.25-4.6 in 22-16 gauge. LBV2-4.6 in 16-14 gauge, LBV 5.5-4.6 in 12-10 gauge. Different wire range and different width of blade suitable for different place.

Other than Lipped blade terminals, DIFVAN also have Insulated Ring Terminal,Insulated Fork Terminals, Splice connectors, Ferrules, Male and Female Disconnects, Heat Shrink Terminals and Twist on Wire Connectors.

Having worked in the terminals field for more than 20 years, DIFVAN has a wide experience in all kinds of terminal connectors.

We have thousands of standard terminal mold. We can also customize for you non-standard ones.

Choose DIFVAN, Choose reliable Partner.

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