Black Tie Wraps

Black Tie Wraps

Black tie wraps for Great Durability, Our zip ties is made from high quality nylon PA 66 and SGS listed. The lifespan of the nylon cable ties is 2-5 years, depending on its using purpose and occasion. The zipties is UV-resistant and could be used outdoor and last 1-2 years lifespan. The cable ties can be used under temperature of 14℉-176℉.

Self-locking Cable Ties

Self-locking Fastener Design, Strong durable powerful lock, easy handling and prevent snagging in tight. Our ties are widest, compared for most ties on the market durable Nylon Ties and a heat resistance of the heavy-duty cable tie tape package, which can ensure that they are exposed to high temperature for a long time.

Push Mount Cable Tie

push mounts lock securely into position through panel holes.
Easy “slip” during pull-through due to smooth radiused edges as you tighten while finger grips on the end ensure a secure and comfortable grip when hand-tightening.

Double Loop Cable Ties

Double bundle cable ties allow for two separate bundles of cable to be held together using one cable tie. The sun won’t fatigue these cable ties. The UV protection allows these cable ties to last longer outside.

Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded tie allows for adjustable length to securely attached tags in place and a simple solution for low-risk tamper evidence sealing.

Ideal for many forms of bundling and attaching around the home and office.

Colored Cable Ties

Colored cable tie can be used to make decorative ornaments such as handmade garlands, and choose the appropriate color of the cable tie to play a fixed role in the manual floral production without affecting the appearance.

Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable zip ties for money save & eco-friendly, longer clip allow your finger positioning well to press and retract easily.


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Super Quality Material

Plastic ties made of strong and flexible nylon. Our large zip ties will be able to tackle tough outdoor task.

High Tensile Strength

Ultra heavy duty cable tie with 50 lbs. tensile strength handles your toughest jobs.

Self-locking Design

With cable zip, cables can be tied tightly. Wire ties designed with rounded edges for easy handling and to prevent snagging.

Package Includes

100PCS Nylon cable ties with Black color.

Everything You Need To Know About Black Tie Wraps 

It’s easy to think that black tie wraps are only good for tying cables. However, this plastic strap can do a lot and is very useful in our daily lives. Not only do cable ties organize and secure, but they also support, lock, repair, decorate, and help you create. It makes our life easier and more organized. From gardening and boating to crafting and trucking, no matter what you do, these cable ties have perks that make your life at ease.

What are black cable ties?

A link tie (zip tie) is a kind of latch for securing things together, principally wires or electrical links. As a result of their moderate expense and convenience, link ties are prescribed, discovering use in a wide assortment of different applications.

  1.    Miniature Cable Ties: These are substantial little link ties and are highly appropriate for progressively minor, light-duty Cable and wire for packaging purposes.

2.   Intermediate Cable Zip Ties: These are solid and dependable zip ties perfect for packaging uses of the medium-duty application.

  1.    Standard Tie Wraps: These are brilliant quality cable ties expanding high dependability and solidness.
  1.    Heavy-Duty Cable Ties: These ties are for more grounded and heavier packaging applications.
  1.    Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties: As the name recommends, these ties are intended for extra-hard core packaging applications.
  1.    In-line Low Profile Cable Ties: In-line low profile link ties are perfect for a broad scope of link and wiring applications that require a parallel section.
  1.    Stainless Steel Zip Ties: Stainless steel link ties are substantial and sturdy steel zip ties. They are appropriate for packaging link and wire applications in severe natural conditions or conditions with extreme temperatures.
  1.    Releasable Cable Ties: Releasable ties are the perfect link tie answer for a comprehensive arrangement of link and wire packaging applications. Releasable link ties can be reused/reusable a few times, and they offer secure, exceptionally dependable packaging arrangement.
  1.    Tefzel Fluoropolymer Cable Ties: Tefzel Fluoropolymer link ties are reasonable for messing up applications that expect protection from ecological stresses, including chemicals, gamma radiation, ultraviolet, and excessive temperatures.
  1.    Halar Fluoropolymer Cable Ties: Halar fluoropolymer link ties are reasonable for packaging applications identified with a qualified cable. These link ties are profoundly fired obstruction and meet U.L. Combustibility appraisals.
  1.    Metal Detectable Cable Ties: These ties are regularly utilized in nourishment, refreshment, and pharmaceutical ventures. Metal perceivable Cable ties are reasonable for every such application where contamination must be evaded.
  1.    Polypropylene Cable Ties: Polypropylene link attaches have incredible protection from synthetics and outside contaminants.
  1.    Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties: Heat settled Nylon 6/6 link ties have a high softening point and are heat safe.
  1.    Mounted Head Cable Ties: These ties offer packaging and mounting arrangement with one item.
  1.    Restricted Bundle Cable Ties: Bundle links with a limited bind are intended to frame a fixed circle.
  1.  I.D. Cable Ties: Identification link ties package and relates to one item.
  1.    Flag ID Cable Ties: Cable bind banners are utilized to engraving or hand compose significant Cable and wire distinguishing information and get assembly numbers.
  1.    ID Marker Cable Ties: They have a marker region for engraving or handwriting Cable get together numbers and other fundamental identification information.
  1.    Write-on Flag Tie Markers/Wire Ties: These ties are best appropriate for stamping and distinguishing wires, Cable, pipes, valves, hardware, and stocks.
  1.    Hook and Loop Cable Ties: These are delicate and adaptable link ties that counteract any harm to wire protection. Do these link ties have advantages that make your life easy.
  1.    Specialty Cable Ties: These binds are accessible to suit a wide variety of purposes that function admirably under brutal and extraordinary conditions.

When were zip ties invented?

Zip ties were designed in 1958 by an electrical organization named Thomas and Betts.

What are the applications of black cable ties?

As you read through, you might be surprised on the different purposes and uses of zip ties.

  1.    Key Ring

Key Ring with cable ties

One of our usual problems is losing our keys. Therefore we should use these cable ties as a ring to tie the keys. Since cable ties have different colors, it’s easy to differentiate which key to use in various rooms or lockers.

  1.    Binder Rings

You can utilize it as a fastener ring to tie papers or documents. Just punch two or three holes at the edge of the paper and slip the ties through the openings. It is a fun and direct approach to create a book or notebook of your child’s artwork or writing space.

  1.    Luggage Lock

Luggage Lock with cable ties

When you’re traveling (especially if you’re backpacking,) you might take advantage of luggage storage services to keep your bags for the day while you’re out sightseeing. If your purse or wallet has two zippers to close it, you can use a cable tie to secure the two zippers together.

  1.    Seal Bags

Similar to the use of the luggage, a cable tie re-seal packages so that the food won’t get stale. It works great to keep marshmallows, brown sugar, and other foods from drying out.

  1.    Childproofing

Childproofing with cable ties

Secure a cable tie between two adjacent knobs or handles to keep the kids out of a cupboard. You don’t want your children to be in danger so best to keep the handles closed。

  1.    Pack Efficiently

Pack Efficiently with cable tie

Do you have much to carry in a small bag? Roll your shirts and pants tightly, then secure each one with a cable tie. You’ll be able to pack very efficiently! (Bring extra cable ties for use on a journey back.)

  1.    Traction Booster

Traction Booster with cable ties

When going to a mountain or somewhere muddy or slippery, you’ll need a bit of extra grip to power through a wet trail or even just an icy parking lot; grab a cable tie! Loop the cable tie around the toe of your shoe, with the fastener facing down towards the ground. Clip the excess length, and the clasp provides you with that extra traction.

Survival Hacks for Zip Ties

      1. Arrange Small Items

Arrange Small Items with cable ties

Zip ties are ideal for keeping sticks, pens, links, cordage, packs, utensils, and other little things together and sorted out. You would prefer not to have a wreck on your hands when you’re occupied with attempting to endure the mess everywhere.

        2. Spare Space

Garments, covers, and different fabrics can hold a great deal of room. To fix this, move them up as firmly as you would then be able to pack them much more with two or three zip ties. It can save so much space in your drawer, which is significantly expected. So there’s still room for more.

       3. Sack Handle

It is continuously helpful when your pack has a handle joined to it for comfort. Yet it is the exact opposite of necessary when that handle separates or needs a fix. Fortunately, lashing a cable tie to your bag is a fast and straightforward cure. Necessarily take a more drawn out zip tie, place it through a circle on your sack, and afterward snap it to the length you need it.

       4. Connect Gear To Your Bag

Connect Gear To Your Bag with cable ties

Suppose you need snappy and straightforward access to a knife or a flashlight or some other device that has a holster. Utilize a cable tie to connect the holster to your bug out pack so you can get your apparatus without burrowing through your sack searching for it.

       5. Stopgap Shoe Laces

If something ever happens to your shoelaces, you can utilize zip ties round your feet to an extreme while climbing; it can cause rankling and wounds, so it’s significant that your shoes or boots stay secured.

       6. Verifying Makeshift Trouser Gaiters

If you ever need to get by out in the swamps or the marshlands, remaining dry will be much increasingly fundamental. On the off chance that your garments become drenched, they can stick to your skin around evening time and cause hypothermia.

It is the reason pant gaiters are phenomenal for tying around your lower legs in this situation, to stop your lower legs and feet from getting doused. However, if you don’t have traditional gaiters with you, you’ll need to utilize another kind of fabric instead, and there’s no better method to attach them with zip ties safely.

        7. Trail Markers

Trail Markers with cable ties

It is the place that will prove that zip ties are useful. You can tie or hang a zip tie around a branch, make sure to use colors that are contrasting the natures. In all actuality, you’ll have to have a great deal of zipping attaches in your arms stockpile to abstain from wasting every one of them similarly as trail markers.

  1. Safehouse Making

Safehouse Making with cable ties

At the point when you’re out in the forest, fire and safe house will be two of your closest companions for camping. For this situation, zip ties will help you in making the last mentioned. You can lash together the wraps or coverings to building a shelter or comparative sanctuary. If the zip ties are sufficiently enormous, you can even lash saplings together to make a teepee.

Pick three posts that are generally a similar size, and afterward integrate two of them at the top with a zip tie. Spread the posts and eventually raise them, slipping in the third one all the while. When you have a standing structure, fix the zip ties varying, and you have yourself the casing for a teepee.

      9. Hanging Things

Zip ties are a fast and straightforward approach to hang pretty much anything you need, such as Lamps, wet garments, sacks of nourishment, or whatever else you have to keep off the ground.


Snares with cable ties

As opposed to utilizing ropes or cordage to assemble Snares, you can use zip ties. The preferred position to using zip ties for Snares is twofold: 1. they previously arrive in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll be prepared. And 2. Zip ties usually are more secure for setting up Snares than ropes and strings are.

      11. Fix Gear

Zip ties are extraordinary for simple fixes like a wrecked tie on a knapsack or a massive tear in a net. Run the zip tie through the two closures and snap them together.

      12. Restraining Device

Restraining Device with cable ties

Ideally, you’ll never need to; however, if necessary, you can limit somebody either on the hands or the feet with zip ties. The bit of leeway to utilizing zip connections to limit somebody is that not very many individuals realize how to escape them.

       13. Tourniquet

Tourniquet with cable ties

A zip tie will work similarly as a tourniquet as it will for support. While supports are tied in with verifying a messed up appendage, tourniquets are tied in with avoiding any draining you continue from an open injury. Mainly secure the zip tie directly over the zone of the wound to prevent it from forming into a more destructive option. There are even zip ties that are made explicitly for tourniquets, yet any standard zip tie will work on the off chance that you need it.

Much the same as with making support, it’s significant that you place some padding or texture underneath the zip tie, so it doesn’t chew into your skin, and that you have something on reserve to slice through it is vital.

      14. Hold Bandages In Place

On the off chance that you don’t have any tape, you can utilize a couple of zip connections to hold a wrap set up. They’re incredible for this since they will keep the pressure on the injury until you can find support.

Some Other useful Hack and Tips:

  • Milk Crate Storage

Milk Crate Storage with cable ties


Some milk containers can combine with the help of zip ties to make a capacity divider. Arrange the milk boxes in whatever arrangement you need before verifying them together with zip ties. You can even include cartons later on the off chance that you need to add to your stockpiling method.

  • Bicycle Snow Tires

Bicycle Snow Tires with cable ties

Putting zip ties onto your bicycle tires can assist you with exploring the day off. The zip integrates nibble with the smooth surface of the ice and day off, footing. Make a point to fix the zip ties safely; however, keep away from over setting.

  • Clean up a Workshop

Clean up a Workshop with cable ties

To tidy up your workshop and make it mess-free, use zip connections to help secure your instruments and different actualizes. Just string the tie through two gaps in a pegboard and secure it in the back. Please make a point to leave it sufficiently free to slip the handle of your instrument through.

  • Crisis Hair Management

Indeed, even the direst of hair crises is no match with a zip tie. If your hair needs to secure quickly, a zip tie can fix it and turn it into a bun or pigtail. When you’re done using it, you can effortlessly cut it with scissors.


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