Beaded Cable Ties

DIFVAN beaded cable ties are reusable and durable bundling solution for various applications. One of the most common uses for beaded zip ties is to bundle cables and wire.

Beaded cable ties bundle and secure with double lock through 1 convenient keyhole slots to bind, hook and secure.

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  • beaded zip ties
  • nylon tie wraps

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Beaded Cable Ties

Material of Beaded Cable Ties: Nylon 6/6

Flammability: UL 94V-2

Color of Beaded Cable Ties: Nature & Black

Working temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

DIFVAN beaded cable ties are made of nylon 66 material, temperature rage -40℃ to 85℃ and 94v-2 fireproof.


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ITEM  NOlenghtWidth(mm)Max Bundle Dia.E(mm)Tensile Strength

Advantages of using reusable beaded cable ties include:

Easy to lock into place, adjust and release

Require no tools for installation or removal

Reusable, making them a cost-effective bundling solution

reusable beaded cable ties

Beaded cable ties are lightweight and durable and are commonly used for bundling wires and cables.

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DIFVAN beaded reusable cable ties are ideal for temporary fastening solutions. With their unique design, they can be released and reused as often as you want.

The beaded ties are not ties for cinching and there is no tool required.  The beads lock and release through keyhole slots and are effective for bundling and reinstallation of wires and cables.

Beaded cable ties are made of nylon PA66 material, temperature rage -40~85, 94 v-2 fireproof, acid proof, corrosion resistant, good insulation, not easy ageing. Bundle wires quickly and soft, good toughness, self-locking fastening, easy to use.

Beaded zip ties that form a secure hold by sliding the beaded tail through a keyhole slot until the desired size is reached, then locking it into place.

One of the most common uses for beaded zip ties is to bundle cables and wire. To secure a bundle, wrap the beaded cable tie around your item, then secure it by slipping the tail through the keyhole slot then sliding the end into the smaller groove to lock it into place.

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