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Own tooling design team to have plastic tooling design for your new project.

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High speed punching machines for producing to lower the delivery time.

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More than 60 plastic injection machines to produce the plactic part of the anderson plug.

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Frequently Asked Question

How many sizes of this anderson powerpole you have?

DIFVAN anderson powerpole from 50AMP, 120AMP, 175AMP and 350AMP. these four sizes are the most frenquently used one.
if you need 60amp,80amp and other sizes, other colour, please contact us for details.

Which kind of metarial you use for this anderson powerpole connectors?

the insulation material of our anderson sb50/anderson sb120/anderson sb175/anderson sb350/is PC with UL94v-0 flame retardant. the contact material of this anderson SB connectors are copper with silver plated can support a excellent conductivity.

is there any detailed size for each amp anderson SB connectors?

yes, please check this sizes :
anderson battery connector
anderson sb50 connectors
50 amp anderson plug

Can you do OEM packing of the powerpole connectors?

Yes, we can make the packing per your normal bag packing for you to sell in your shop.blister card packing to sell in your electric market.

How about if i need a anderson anderson socket sample to test?

We can send you samples free to your address for testing.

Anderson Power Connectors Guideline

DIFVAN has been manufacturing and exporting anderson power connectors for many years, having a wide range of products that allows you to purchase bulk orders and manufacturing.

DIFVAN uses high-quality materials to make Anderson connectors with approved ISO, CE, RoHS, and SGS certificates. Our company met the standards implemented by different factory audits such as TUV, BV, and SMETA. We hire skilled and qualified workers in manufacturing powerpole connectors to provide you with sturdy and practical products.

High-quality anderson battery connector will help you save time instead of changing after changing defective ones. as a anderson plug manufacturer, DIFVAN is an ISO certified company, and we make sure that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations with the anderson battery connector we manufacture.

anderson electrical connectors of DIFVAN are well-crafted made for your satisfaction and meet the standards implemented. Being a professional anderson plug suppliers and exporter, DIFVAN has a certified CE marking that ensures that we comply with health, safety, additional eligibility criteria and environmental protection standards.

anderson wire connectors

DIFVAN’s anderson pole connectors are safe to be used in electrical and electronic equipment, being RoHS certified and maintaining the standards to achieve in crafting electronic devices.We implement a Strict Quality Assurance System, which makes sure that we will provide you with all suitable anderson pole connectors with a 100% assurance that it will work properly.

We can provide you free samples to see our weatherproof anderson plug yourselves and prove that our company is reliable in making these electronic devices for you. We can deliver your anderson quick connect orders without delay with the help of our high-speed punching machines and plastic injection machines. DIFVAN machinery is high in quality and will ensure that we will provide you with the best packaging for our anderson plug connectors.

anderson sb connector manufacturer

We seek to manufacture and provide you with functional and reliable Anderson connectors of the highest quality. If you have more questions in mind, you can contact us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible to enlighten you even more about DIFVAN anderson battery connector.

This topic will be a guide for your regarding anderson plug.

What is Anderson Plug?

An Anderson connector is the specialized socket placed at the end of a charged circuit. It allows charge from a battery to flow through to the caravan battery. It functions like a dual battery system that you can locate under the bonnet of many cars.

You can choose from two options on a charging circuit—either anderson plug terminals with large charge wires or the 12-pin plug with medium charge wires. You can choose whether you prefer everything to be within one plug, which is a 12-pin is ideal. all these will be available in a professional anderson plug terminals factory.

crimping anderson plugs

Or whether a separate socket that has the same working principle, having no issues. A 12-pin plug can only be used with medium thickness wires. At the same time, an Anderson plug will accept larger wires, which allows you to get a better result when charging the battery in the caravan.

What is the working principle of anderson socket?

The genderless connection makes them very easy to use. You do not have to worry about color, direction, or version of the unit as they are readily compatible with one another. The genderless hermaphroditic state of the anderson power products connector means that the mating surface of the unit includes both male and female aspects with complementary paired identical parts for a anderson tooling in a customs processing, each containing protrusions and indentations.

anderson cable connectors

This set up is ideal when it comes to saving time and ensuring simple and quick compatibility.  And there is a range of anderson power products connector’ sizes to choose from a Anderson plug distributor . The anderson plug terminals facilitates a quick, easy and secure electrical connection. The power supply are molded with dovetails so that the housings can be interlocked to form multiple connections.

The housings can be interlocked as many times as needed, and different color Anderson housings can be utilized. The housings simply and quickly slide into place to create multiple connections.


powerpole connectors with 30A and 45A are reliable and resistant. They resist vibrations and are conceived for 10 000 connections. When they are used with an electric kit, you can hear a click and see a spark at the connection. This is normal, the condenser of the controller is charging, and with time this may entail corrosion of the Anderson connector and reduce its lifespan.

350 amp anderson plug

You need to replace the metallic connectors at this point—larger Anderson connectors with two or three contacts in one molded housing. These are commonly used in various industrial settings, including as a battery connection for some uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), removable vehicle winches, many electric forklifts, and other electric vehicles.

What is the construction of an ANDERSON CONNECTOR?

Anderson connectors are physically and electrically hermaphroditic, which allows you to connect it either way. This is in contrast to the physically but not electrically hermaphroditic two-wire trailer plug.

anderson sb50 connectors

50 amp anderson plug

smh connector are available with current ratings of up to 180 amperes. The size most commonly used is the 15/30/45 ampere-rated variety from a Anderson plug distributor . These sizes all use the same plastic housing in multiple colors, differing only in the metal contact inserted into the housing.


The colors can be used to signify signal types or differing voltages. frenquently used are red and black smh connetcors, but we also can make anderson tooling if you need other color in othe shapes. anderson tooling of electronic components also be a advantage of the item’s customs value.

Anderson connectors from DIFVAN can be attached side to side and also stacked on top of each other to make. The contacts are rated for 100,000 no-load insertions and 250 hot-plugs at full load.


  • Flat Wiping Contact System – allows for minimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleans contact surface during connection/disconnection.
  • Interchangeable Genderless Plugs – makes assembly quick and easy and reduces the number of parts stocked.

anderson plug to ring terminals

  • Silver Plated Contacts – offers the greatest longevity when using high power, elevated temperature applications.
  • Colored Modular Housings – provides visual identification of proper mating connector.

dual anderson plug

  • Polarized Housings – prevents damage to connectors from being mated incorrectly.
  • Molded-In Dovetails – secures individual connectors together.
  • Crimp PCB or Bus Bar Contact Terminals – offers design flexibility for your manufacturing and maintenance requirements.

anderson connectors halfords

  • Housing – made of UL94 V-0 material, which provides security in the knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings.


  • Astronomy

Many companies in the amateur astronomy space have adopted Anderson connectors, as a large number of astronomical devices use 12-volts. Anderson connectors offer a low cost and easy solution to make adaptors, extensions, and distribution panels.

  • Radio

The Anderson connector in different tab has been adopted by many segments of the Amateur Radio community as their standard 12-volt DC power connector additional eligibility criteria for everything from radios to DC power sources to accessories.

Standardization allows equipment owned by different hams to be used together without needing adapters in emergencies, at public service events, at field day, during contests, when borrowing equipment, etc.

30a Solar Electric Wire Connector

For use in amateur radio, the community has adopted a standard color code, polarity, and specific physical arrangement for assembling pairs of electronic components. One red and one black Anderson housing can be physically arranged in 4 topologically different mechanical orientations. Two of which are mechanically incompatible, and tab is electrically incompatible with the ARES standard.

There are also additional unusual configurations in which one housing is rotated 90 degrees. The standard is red positive and black negative.

  • Railways

In model railways, the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society adopted the Anderson connector as a recommended practice in 2005. And as a standard in 2011. The use of the older Cinch-Jones connector has been deprecated but is still permitted on legacy modules.

anderson plug accessories

  • Data Centers

Some buildings, including data centers, are increasingly designed for 380 V DC power distribution as a way of improving electrical efficiency. DC power distribution has resulted in the need to standardize a Low Voltage (LV) connector with an integral ground conductor, which is safe for use by untrained personnel. our DIFVAN (Anderson plug supplier ) products are most used in this place.

The tendency of DC connectors to spark when disconnected from an inductive load requires the connector’s insulating housing to contain the plasma arc, in addition to normal requirements such as preventing accidental finger contact.

  • Charging Circuits

The Anderson plug from chinese Anderson plug supplier is designed to handle a high, continuous load, so this makes it ideal to use in charging circuits. The most common use that we install Anderson plugs for is charging the auxiliary battery in your caravan or camper trailer when driving.

It’s fitted to the rear of the vehicle like this one here. This is the ideal alternative to running a charge feed through your 12-pin plug.


Too much current charging through a 12-pin plug can cause the pins to melt as they’re not large enough to handle the current from most modern alternators.

Having an power distribution unit means you can safely pass more charge through to your caravan’s battery charge system, keeping the caravan batteries charged up while you travel to your next destination.

  • Solar Panel Connection

Another common use for power distribution unit is to connect a solar panel via a regulator to top up your batteries.

175a anderson plug

These are commonly used to four-wheel drives and caravans with dual battery systems in an easy to access location so they could easily top up their auxiliary batteries via the solar panel without having to run your vehicle.

  • Powering ESC (Electronic Stability Control)

Anderson connectors can also be used to your tow bar if you have got a caravan that requires power to ESC, which is electronic stability control. Using an Anderson plug to ESC provides a more secure connection when driving and ease of disconnection if you’re going off-road.

anderson plug cable

It is common to use a red Anderson plug for ESC and a grey one for your charge feed on the back of your car, so you can easily identify them.

  • 12 Volt Accessory Power Alternative

Due to their secure locking design, Anderson plugs also make great alternatives for powering high-draw 12-volt accessories such as fridges and air compressors.

anderson pp30

Anderson plugs are much more robust and hold a more secure connection than the standard 12-volt cigarette socket. They are particularly good for those of us who like to venture off the beaten track.


There are 4 sizes of DIFVAN Anderson Connector: 50 Amp Andersons, 120AMP, 175 Amp Andersons & 350 Amp Andersons.  Here are the indicated specifications and the appropriate cable size that should be used in each instance.

The Anderson connector amp rating connectors of 50A,120A, 175A, and 350A cover the vast majority of applications.

anderson pole connectors

  1. 50A Anderson Connector – 16mm² Battery Cable

For the 50 Amp Grey Anderson connector, you should be using a 16mm battery cord. The cable is petrol, oils, and acid-resistant and is rated to 110 Amps. It has Plain copper conductors – PVC insulated -15C to +70C.

  1. 175A Anderson Connector – 35mm² Battery Cable

For the 175 Amp Grey Anderson connector, you should be using a 35mm battery cable. It has Plain copper conductors – PVC insulated -15C to +70C. The cable is petrol, oils, and acid-resistant and is rated to 240 Amps.

  1. 350A Anderson Connector – 50mm² Battery Cable

For the 350 Amp heavy duty Grey Anderson connector, you should be using a 50mm battery starter cord. The cable is petrol, oils, and acid-resistant, heavy duty and has a conductor specification of 395/0.40. It has Plain copper conductors – PVC insulated -15C to +70C.


The primary tool used for Anderson connectors is a crimping tool. When crimping the contact pins, use a crimp that contains the wire completely inside the pin and doesn’t spread the connector apart.

A good crimp is one where the dimensions of the crimped portion are no more than an un-crimped pin. If the crimp is flattened out, you will not be able to easily push the pin into the body.

anderson 175 connector

If you bend the contact blade in relation to the crimp area, you should straighten it before putting it into the body. It is possible to use larger or smaller gauge wire with the 30 and 45 amp connectors.

The 30 amp contacts will work with difficulty with the #10 wire if you cut the end cleanly and carefully put each and every strand of that wire into the pin. It may be is easier to use 45 amp connectors on the #10 wire. Using 16 gauge or smaller wire in a 30 amp contact requires that you double or triple up the wire to fill the crimp receptacle of the contact to get a good crimp.

If you do not have a crimping tool, you can use a soldering iron for soldering the wires to the pins. When soldering the contact pins, be careful not to use too much solder. Keep the solder inside, where the wire goes.

If a blob of solder gets on the outside of the connector body, you may have trouble putting the contact into the housing. If you get solder on the contact surface area, you will not make good contact.


  • High Current Systems – they are ideal for use with high current systems and have been designed to offer minimal contact resistance.
  • High Durability – the durability and robust nature of these units allows for 10,000 mating cycles across their lifetime. They also demonstrate excellent resistance to chemicals such as solvents and hydrocarbons.
  • Easy Quick Assembly – the genderless connection feature facilities quick and easy assembly and reduces inventory requirements.
  • Finger Probe Safe – the housing has been designed to help prevent any accidental contact with live components – in compliance with the UL 1950 finger probe test.
  • Color-Coded – the color of the Anderson Power Connector designates the recommended application voltage as per industry standards. This safety feature helps prevent two different voltage color housings from being connected and avoids the occurrence of a mismatch between power supplies/ electrical systems.


  1.  Are there different size Anderson plugs?

There are 5 different sizes of Anderson plugs available from many Anderson plug suppliers. Each size differs in the amount of current that can flow through the wires. Here is a table that can show you the specifications of each Anderson plug sizes:

15 A to 45 A20 AWG to 10 AWG0.75 mm2 to 5.3  mm20.9 mm to 2.9 mm
50 A12 AWG to 6 AWG5.3 mm2 to 13.3 mm22.9 mm to 4.7 mm
120 A6 AWG to 2 AWG13.3 mm2 to 33.6 mm24.7 mm to 7.4 mm
175 A6 AWG to 1/0 AWG13.3 mm2 to 53.5 mm27.4 mm to 9.4 mm
350 A1/0 AWG to 4/0 AWG53.5 mm2 to 152.0 mm29.4 mm to 22.6 mm

 2. Are Anderson connectors waterproof?

Yes! DIFVAN Anderson connectors are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, high current, and waterproof electrical and electronic connectors. it’s orinigal Chinese based Anderson plug supplier . DIFVAN Anderson plug/connector has a wide range of waterproof connectors. These Anderson connectors are suitable for outdoor use having protection from external factors such as rain, heat from the sun, weathering, and many more.

3. How do you fit an Anderson connector?

In fitting or connecting an Anderson connector, here is a simple guide that can help you for installing your connector:

  1. Gather Your Tools and Supplies – ready the plug, cable, and fuse that you will be using. Prepare a basic toolbox to easily assemble your connector. A crimper will help you easily lock or secure the cables with the plugs. A heavy-duty crimper may help you crimp easily and allows you to use it with bigger diameters of Anderson connectors.
  2. Cable Management – determine where the cable will run through the system or vehicle and guide it through. You can choose either going underneath or along with the chassis of the system or the car. You may consider the cables running through less heated surfaces to prolong the cover of the battery box. As much as possible, use the shortest possible route of the cables to reduce the voltage drop in the system.
  3. Connect to a Fuse – connect the Anderson connector to a fuse or reset the breaker. The inline fuse wire should be crimped to the positive or the red wire of the 6mm wire, and an eyelet crimped at the other end to be attached to the battery’s positive terminal later when you are ready. Next, crimp an eyelet connector to the negative or the black wire of the 6mm wide so that it can be attached to the negative battery terminal later.
  4. Fit the Relay – if a relay is included in the system that you are making, fit the relay to the 12V accessory power feed.
  5. Dual-Core Wire – cut the dual-core 6mm wire and place the wire from the battery into the relay at the pin, and power out of the system. Place the relay near the system, so it’s easily accessible, or just cable ties it to a bracket or wiring loom.
  6. Fit the Anderson Plug – connect the plug to the system using an Anderson plug holder. The holder keeps the Anderson and the connection safe and clean. Crimp the connectors to the wire and fit them into the correct sections of the Anderson connector.
  7. Fit the Fuse – make use of a 20A fuse into the inline fuse holder and attach the wires to the battery terminals in a battery box.
  8. Test the System – attach the wires to the battery terminals to test the circuit. Use a simple test light or multi-meter with the system running on. Wiring your caravan or system is not that hard, but as you can see, there are quite a few steps involved.

4. What does an Anderson plug look like?

  • Anderson plug is commonly seen as in colour grey or black and red.
  • Anderson Plug with large charge wires is very simple when used in a circuit engine bay.
  • It runs large cables such as a battery cable size, which are commonly 6 B&S that are around 13mm in diameter, and run from the car battery directly to the caravan battery, via large maxi fuses, and through the hardy Anderson plug.
  • A caravan battery that’s getting low on charge can be charged within a few hours of driving with the larger Anderson plug cables.

45a Solar Electric Wire Connector

5. What is the difference between GREY and Red Anderson plug?

  • Black and red Anderson plugs are used for protecting systems from being connected incorrectly.
  • While grey Anderson plugs are used in panels that have regulators fitted in the system. It is placed after the regulator for it is safe to be used even connected directly to a battery.
  • Being a professional Anderson plug supplier , we can supply you anderson plug in different colors like blue, grey,red and yellow per your requests.

6. Do I need an Anderson plug?

  • Yes, you may need an Anderson plug, especially when you have a long road trip.
  • Emergencies may happen, such as battery problems.
  • This is where your Anderson plug will be very useful.
  • Anderson Plug is used to charge batteries within your caravan or trailer while you are driving.
  • While the 12 Pin Plug can do this, it’s recommended that you use an Anderson plug, as the power fed to the plug for battery charging often exceeds the capability of the 12 pin plug.
  • The result is a melted 12 pin plug, as it is not designed to hold a charge feed.

7. Are there male and female Anderson plugs?

  • Anderson plugs are NON-GENDER and are both male/female and plug/socket.
  • Anderson plugs are cleverly designed that they can plug into each other while keeping the correct battery polarity engine bay.
  • This is done by a mirror image type of connection and can only be easily explained with pictures.
  • An Anderson plug can only connect to another Anderson plug if you flip one of them over; otherwise, they will not push into each other. This clever design prevents short circuits and makes for a universal plug and play system.

8. Does a caravan battery charge when towing?

  • Most caravans and folding campers can charge their leisure battery and keep the fridge cool from the tow car when they are on the road.
  • While the tow vehicle’s engine is running, electrical power is supplied via the traditional grey or white-capped 12S socket or via a fully-wired 13-pin connector.
  • This should be able to keep the fridge cool, as long as it’s already pre-cooked, and put a small top-up charge into the leisure battery.

anderson plug pins

In order to do this, you need to have the wiring, connections, and enough capacity to achieve it. Older vehicles camping have control measures built into the alternator that sense the voltage from the car and control charging around a predetermined range. As long as you have a supplementary wiring kit and voltage-sensing relay, everything is in place to power the caravan while on the move.

9. How do you hook up an Anderson plug to a solar panel?

  • Many travelers find it hard to get by solely using the vehicle’s alternator to recharge their camper trailer battery bank via the Anderson plug.
  • But with the addition of some quality solar panels, you can replenish your power usage while the rig is stationary.
  • There are four different types of solar panels, and they can be either mobile, as in fold-out panels, or a solar blanket, according to your particular needs.
  • You can use the Anderson plug on your camper trailer’s a-frame to introduce portable solar panels into the power mix, depending on your system.
  • But be sure to fit a regulator between the battery bank and the panels to avoid damaging the battery through overcharging.

anderson sb175 connector

10. How do you crimp an Anderson plug?

Here is a guide that you can follow in order to properly crimp an Anderson plug:

  1. Strip Outer Jacket
  • Strip the outer jacket from the twin core cable.
  • We recommended removing at least 70mm of material so the inner cores can enter the housing with a straight path that doesn’t introduce unnecessary strain on the contacts.
  • If you do not have access to a flat stripper, you can use a box cutter to make a shallow cut around the perimeter of the outer jacket and carefully pull the material off the cable.
  • Care is needed not to go too deep as it is easy to pierce the inner cores.
  1. Strip Inner Cores
  • Use a wire stripper to strip 11mm of each of the inner cable cores.
  • This allows the conductor to sit completely within the 50 Amp Anderson contact.
  1. Crimp Contacts
  • The ideal method of terminating an Anderson lead is to crimp the contact in place with a crimping tool.
  • We use this tool on all of our cable assemblies because it creates a secure, single-indent crimp that will remain unaffected by vibration, which can weaken solder joints.
  • The first step is to load the contact into the crimp tool.
  • Position the contact with the blade parallel to the jaws, the contact barrel flush with the jaw surface, and the Anderson logo facing up.
  • This will ensure the cores are not twisted when they are inserted into the housing.
  • ‘Prime’ the crimp tool by squeezing it to the first detente, holding the contact in place. Insert the positive core of the cable and crimp.
  • Repeat the process for the second core.
  • There are more affordable tools available that do not meet Anderson’s specifications but may still provide a reliable crimp.
  • In the absence of a crimp tool, soldering the contact in place is also an option.
  • We recommend sizing the contact barrel as close to the conductor size as possible to minimize the amount of solder required.

15a Solar Electric Wire Connector

  1. Check Polarity
  • Once both contacts have been crimped or soldered into place, grab your housing and hold it with the logo facing up.
  • Position the contacts in the housing, making sure you have the polarity correct with the positive side on the right.
  1. Insert Contacts
  • Place the housing on your work surface and hold the lead so that both contacts are positioned in their respective cavities.
  • Take your flat-blade screwdriver and push firmly on the barrel of the contact so that it snaps into place.
  • You will hear and feel when the tang is locked into place on the contact blade.
  • Check you have seated the contacts correctly – and your crimp or solder job is satisfactory – by holding the housing in one hand and pulling firmly on the camping.
  1. Testing
  • The final means of checking your contacts are completely seated is to mate your connector with another Anderson plug.
  • If the contacts are not installed correctly, the act of mating the two will eject the loose contacts from their housing.
  • It is only the black and grey housings that will mate together. All of the other colors are uniquely keyed.
  • Assembling a complete Anderson connector is a simple process if you follow the correct procedure and check your work at each opportunity.
  • By terminating the cable yourself, you can customize the length of your lead to suit your exact application.

if you still have question, you can contact Anderson plug supplier to get more details and video to see how it works and how it will be ceimped.

crimping anderson connectors

11. What is a DC in a cable?

  • DC stands for direct current.
  • The current flow is in the one direction only and does not alternate.
  • This is typical of the sort of currently produced by a battery.
  • The power generated by photovoltaic panels is DC and would need to be converted with a power inverter to be used for standard mains applications.
  • DC power, once generated, is very useful in speed control motors, etc.
  • A DC connector is an electrical connector for supplying direct current (DC) power.
  • Compared to domestic AC power plugs and sockets, DC connectors have many more standard types that are not interchangeable.

12. Do you crimp or solder Anderson plugs?

  • Both methods will work; crimping an Anderson connector to wire is much preferred for better long-lasting results.
  • It’s important that each method be performed properly. If you are going to crimp, use a crimper that will not destroy the round shape of the contact.
  • Some brands of crimpers deform the barrel of the contact into an oval. The oval will not allow easy insertion into the housing and therefore requires re-crimping to make sure the contact is still a rounded shape.
  • Soldering is acceptable, but you have to make sure that not too much solder is applied and that it does not run down onto the tip of the contact.
  • Solder flux and solder on the contact add to the resistance and voltage loss in the connection.
  • In either case, if you are using a wire size that may be too small for the contact, you may have to fold the wire over and then insert it into the contact to properly fill the hole to be able to make a proper crimp/solder connection.
  • We recommend the affordable Tri-crimp tool to make the cleanest and trouble-free crimps on the 15/30/45 amp contacts.

anderson power products sb50

13. How do you remove an Anderson connector?

  • With the use of a removal tool, slide one end of the “U” shape tool between the flat contact tip and the housing spring.
  • Twist or lift the contact up off the spring, and pull the contact by the wire back out the rear of the housing.
  • see the electronic circuit diagrams and find the right connection place.

14. Can you put Anderson plug on Engel?

  • Yes, you can put an Anderson plug on Engel.
  • Home of 12 volts makes a small box that has a couple of cig sockets and a merit socket and a few different combinations.
  • The box has a short patch lead you can put an Anderson plug on.
  • The spare sockets can be used for other things like a light.

15. How do you clean Anderson plug terminals?

  • Anderson plugs are designed as self-abrading. The contacts rub against each other to you plug them in or disconnect them, cleaning the contacts and providing a good electrical connection.
  • Each pin in a seven-pin plug has a slit down the middle. With time, the contacts will bend inwards, and the slit will close up, thus providing a poor electrical connection.
  • Using a knife blade, open up the slit so the pin is slightly wider on end. This then has the same effect as the contacts on an Anderson plug.
  • Each time you connect/disconnect the plug, the contacts will abrade and produce a good electrical connection.
  • Dissimilar metals will work the best, i.e., a brass socket and a stainless plug.
  • Stainless is more malleable than brass, so stainless pins in the plug will stand up to bending better.
  • Wiggling the plug around when connecting/disconnecting has the effect of closing the slits in the pins – thereby breaking the connection.
  • A lot of the time, this is the cause of lamps not working on hire trailers, always check the pins before checking bulbs, fuses, and wiring – it’s the quickest and easiest check.

anderson plug terminals

16. What does the GREY plug on a caravan do?

  • The extra grey socket provides power to operate the interior functions of the caravan, such as the interior lights, run the fridge and charge the battery while you are towing.
  • This type of socket has been replaced on caravans built after 2008 in the UK. New caravans now use the 13 pin standard socket.
  • 13 Pin Electrics have been standard in most other European countries for some time.
  • This is replacing the 2 separate sockets currently used in the UK. The 13 pin socket is essentially the two 7 pin sockets merged into one.
  • All caravans manufactured in the UK from 2008 are fitted with an ISO 13 pin connector as standard.
  • This system uses one socket with 13 pins inside, instead of the traditional two separate 7 pin sockets.
  • 13 pin sockets are also used on some vehicles, especially with detachable tow bars when there isn’t enough room to mount two separate sockets behind the bumper.

17. What does a 12-pin trailer plug do?

  • The 12 pin socket not only allows you to wire up additional accessories but also allows for more versatility when towing.
  • For example, a 7 pin plug, which is commonly found on a caravan, can fit into a 12 pin socket, but it is done in reverse.

18. What electrics do I need for towing a caravan?

  • There are 3 types of tow bar electrics plugs, including single 7 pin electrics, single 13 pin electrics, and twin electrics.
  • Single electrics use one plug to connect your vehicle and trailer electrics, whereas twin electrics require two 7 pin plugs, which is usually necessary for towing older caravans or trailers.

double anderson plugs

19. What is a DC-to-DC charger?

  • A DC-DC charger is effectively a smart-charger for your 12V system.
  • It isolates the house battery system from the alternator so that the vehicle’s computer management system sees it as something like a set of lights.
  • At the same time, it boosts the charge at the house battery from as little as 9V back up to 14.4V or higher, if required.
  • To maximize charging capacity, delivering it in stepped form, like your smart mains charger, achieving close to 100 percent charge after a day’s driving.

DIFVAN manufactures Anderson connectors with the highest quality to make them last for a long time. We ensure you that all Anderson connectors from our factory work fine and with high efficiency. the Anderson connectors from us-Anderson plug supplier are made with cases that are petrol proof, oil proof, dustproof, waterproof, and prevent conduction of electricity or heat that can be generated when used.

We manufacture Anderson connectors with different types that you can choose from depending on your work. Our Anderson connectors are ideal for different work fields, especially when working with electronics and other related works.

If you have more questions about Anderson connectors and other transactions, you contact us, send us a required field and we will respond as soon as we receive your message.

if you want to know the import charges of our SMH power supply in a plastic bag in non retail packaging, please contact us to get more informations.–we can provide both non retail packaging and original retail packaging for your choosing.

if you want to shorten your delivery times, please let us know your choose quantity, required field we can send you delivery times based on your choose quantity.

DIFVAN will be one of the high quality product supplier in seller’s listing, we can talk about the payment terms and applicable customs duties if you need help. we also support customs inspection during shipping way.

Contact the Anderson plug supplier to get more competitive offer for this anderson plugs. hope we can be your supplier partners in China.

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