Adhesive cable tie mount

DIFVAN adhesive cable tie mount can help you manage cables anywhere, our desks, rooms, kitchens and can help you anywhere in your home, dorm or office.

Self adhesive cable tie mount hasdual use,In addition to the wall surface, the cable clamp tie base retains the traditional screw function.

Positioning holes are reserved on the front of the product to nail some wall surfaces that are difficult to paste on the sand surface.

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adhesive zip tie mounts

Adhesive cable tie mount

1, Material:  UL approved nylon66

2, Glue can be Yellow and Green

3, Color in White and Black

4, 3M high tensile adhesive glue available

DIFVAN adhesive cable tie mount have DFA model and DFB model.

sticky cable ties




Using way of adhesive cable tie mount:

self adhesive cable ties

1, Thread the cable tie trough the cable tie mount,then stick the cable tie mount on any place you need;

2, Place the cable that needs to be fixed on the cable tie mount;

zip tie mounting base

3, Tighten the cable tie;

4, Cut the excessive part of the cable tie.



Using Place of Adhesive cable tie mount:

1, Indoor home appliance;

2, Office environment;

3, Engine room wiring;

zip tie sticky pads



DIFVAN have professional experiences of producing kinds of tie mount one of the popular type is adhesive cable tie mount.

Due to the back of adhesive cable ties attached sponge glue imported,so we also called self adhesive cable tie mount.

Adhesive zip tie mounts are designed for attaching cable ties to a fixed surface and are commonly used in cleaning up wire bundle runs.

Sticky cable ties are available with a high tack adhesive backing for quick installation, or can be screw mounted via a center screw hole.

There are two different types of sponge glue, yellow glue and green glue. You can distinguish by different colors, the green glue will be better.

Self adhesive cable ties is made of UL approved nylon66 , fire prevention level is 94V-2.

Zip tie sticky pads has strong adhesive made to last.Don’t worry about these popping off in the long-term. If the surface is clean, flat and dry.

zip tie mounting base mounted without tools.Simply peel off the backing paper and place firmly on a clean, dust-free surface for best adhesion. Use the built-in screw hole for added strength.

Adhesive zip tie mounts working well in the environment of -40°C to 90°C.

sticky cable tie mounts is good for finishing messy internal chassis.

Back of adhesive cable tie mount comes with self adhesive stickers, convenient fixed.

when you are using non-drilling panel,adhesive backed cable tie mounts can save time and easy to use.

adhesive cable mounts are apply bundling wires and other things. Used for the places where you do not drill hole.

If you also looking for saddle tie mount,DIFVAN is right choose.

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