Adhesive Cable Clamp is a versatile clamping tool designed to protect and secure your cable connections

DIFVAN adjustable cable clamp to keep your cables away from chaos and mess, showing you clean looking installation.

Self adhesion provides strong and tough adhesion, can stick for long time and not easy to fall off


  • self-adhesive cable clip
  • adjustable cable clamp
  • cable clamp

8mm Adhesive Cable Clamp

9mm Adhesive Cable Clamp

10mm Adhesive Cable Clamp

DIFVAN  adhesive cable clamps have difference size

ITEMH (cm)W(cm)L (cm)D(cm)


Adhesive Cable Clamp also named Self-adhesive cable clips


How to use the adhesive cable clamp step?


1, Initially clean the area with alcohol,and drying naturally.

2, Peel off the sticker, paste them.

3, Attach to a smooth,clean surface such as glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, ceramic.

4, Use your thumb to press them in for the first 5-7 seconds.

5, Put the cable into the clip.

6, Look the adjustable clip to accommodate the cable as you like.



wood , glass, plastic

DIFVAN adjustable Cable clamps have multiple uses, it will help you manage and organize a variety of cables  management, keep your wires neatly.

Self-adhesive cable clips With 3M adhesive pad, easily mount to a desk, wall, table and other flat surface Self adhesion provides strong and tough adhesion, can stick for long time and not easy to fall off

Adjustable Cable Clips Made of premium nylon with longer service life and more durable elasticity, which can be used in a variety of cables including cable cords,TV table, PC power cord, coax cable, etc.

Self adhesive cable clamps widely used in home, office and car, etc.

DIFVAN adhesive car cable clamps have good strength adhesive pads

1, The surfaces are clean smooth, oil-free, dust-free and water free.
2, Aluminum alloy has the best effect and Not Recommended to used on tiles!
3, Please allow a few hours for adhesive to dry before usage for maximum strength.

3m car cable clips easy to use

Self-adhesive cable clamp no need to punch a hole or attach any screws.

plastic cable clamps use before, Clean the attachment spot thoroughly and do not put any weight on them for a few minutes until the adhesive really sticks, which works well to fasten down the cord in various flat surfaces

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