6 Famous Wire Termination Brands

6 Famous Wire Termination Brands

You are about to find out some famous wire termination brands.

Buying wire ends crimp for your electrical job or project. The first thing you need to look for is the quality. Right?

Because the quality of the materials and the tools you’re going to use mirrors the quality of the job that you’re going to do.

So, in this article I am going to discuss some wire ends manufacturer or maker.

wire termination

But first what is wire termination?

Wire termination is used for terminating wires. Wire ends crimp vary in sizes and design.

The materials that are used to make wire ends vary from brand to brand but they are usually made up of brass and copper and given various platings and coatings like PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride), nylon and ceramic.

vinyl wire terminals

Here are some examples of wire termination:

  • Ring connectors
  • Fork terminal
  • Pin terminal
  • Male and Female disconnect
  • Spade connector
  • Bullet connector
  • Butt terminal connector
  • Splice connector
  • Screw terminal
  • Screw on wire connectors

And many more!

Wire ends crimp have many sizes. It depends on the gauges of wire that is going to be used on the job.

Now that you know some examples of wire termination, it’s time to know some famous brands of wire ends.

  1. 3M– their trademark Science Applied to Life. 3M brand is a famous company from the Maplewood, Minnesota USA (United States of America) they are formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Founded in June 13, 1902 on Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA.

The company operates in more than 70 countries and has roughly 93,500 workers as of 2018. Their logo is simply 3M with a red colored font.


3M leads the manufacturing world of interconnect solutions for input/output applications, wire-to-board, board-to-board and backplane. The company provides innovative solutions to the electronic industry.

The company’s complete product line:

  • Terminal Kits- With convenient packaging that is portable and refillable.
  • Ring Terminals- The safest and reliable 3M terminal.  Cannot be removed unless the mounting screw is removed.
  • Fork Terminals- It permits the quick and fast connection of wires.
  • Disconnect Terminals- Attached to mating part by tongue of female part by slipping over male tab.
  • Butt Connectors- Uses chamfered barrel ends to give fast and quick, easy wire insertion from ends (must be crimped at both ends).
  • Pin Terminals- For installation in compression blocks.
  • Terminal Adapters- To integrate two connectors that is already attached to the wires.
  • High Temperature Terminals- Provides and gives reliable electrical connections at temperatures up to 900 degrees.
  • Closed End Connectors- Used in circumstances that needs pigtail of two or more wires.
  • Parallel Connectors- Same with butt with overlapped wires and single crimp in the center of connection.
  • Compression Lugs- Input power connection that is like a stud – type.
  • Terminal Tools- Also known as crimp tool. Includes scissors and ratchet style for crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals. Designed for ease of use that makes crimping and cutting quicker.

3M Wire Terminals Highlights and Applications

Terminals Applications:

  • Terminal Blocks
  • Control Panels
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Motors
  • Automotive / Marine

Product Highlights:

  • Complete line
  • Multiple packaging options
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • A crimp ridge that allows correct tool placement
  • Effective and reliable performance
  • Has a wide variety of types, sizes and materials


  2. RS PRO– or RS Components was founded as Radiospares and later rebranded in 1971 as RS components. In 1937 Radiospares was founded by J.H. Waring and P.M. Sebestyen in London, England.

At first they supply radio repair shops with spare parts for radio receivers and transmitters for example replacement electronic components and mechanical components. They added television parts on their product list when television sets became popular.

Now RS Components is a worldwide operation, operating in many countries such as France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and even in China.

The group distributes to over one million consumers over the world with products including electronics, automation and control components, tools for engineering and consumables. They are operating in 32 countries and they have distribution centers all over the world.

RS component became a manufacturer and distributor for the raspberry Pi along with another company. DesignSPark was provided free to use PCB layout software by the company.


RS PRO Characteristics and Product Highlights:

  • The company has a wide range of high quality and great value products that offers a lot of choices.
  • Products have been quality tested in laboratories and have met demanding industrial standards.
  • Provides seamless output.

3. Molex–founded in 1938 and is a subsidiary of Koch Industries by September 2013 for $7.2 billion. Their headquarters is in Lisle, Illinois, USA.

Flowerpots was the first product of the company and they made it out of industrial byproduct plastic called Molex. For G.E. (General Electronic) and other appliance makers they made connectors made with the same plastic.

They are manufacturers of many products their main products include electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection system.

They helped in developing the first car radio, cellphone, and HDTV..

Molex is known world-wide and has manufacturing facilities around the world. They lead in R&D investment (Research and Development Investment) the industry, they strive to develop and deliver advance and original, high quality, reliable solutions that can be customized to meet demands.



  • Molex makes a variety of switch and application tooling most especially in crimp application tooling.
  • They have developed Insulation displacement Technology which is a wire termination style or technique.

MOLEX Products:

  • Solderless terminals
    • Splices
    • Quick disconnect
    • Wire-management solutions
  • Sealed connectors
    • For heavy duty equipment and non-automotive transportation
  • Terminal block and barrier strips
    • Give and offers a wide variety of high and low power terminal blocks and strips

Other Molex Products:

Thermal Acoustic Products

  • Cable assemblies

  4. TE Connectivity– a Swiss-based technology company which makes connectivity and sensor products for tough environment conditions for various industries, such as automotive, industrial equipment and many more.

TE Connectivity operates in three primary segments.

  • TE Connectivity Communications Solutions

This segment supplies electronic components for home appliances with products for washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, cooking appliances, water heaters, and microwaves.

  • TE Connectivity Transportations Solutions

This segment of the company includes Automotive, Industrial & Commercial Transportation, Application Tooling, and Sensor Solutions.

In the automotive industry the products made by TE Connectivity is used for:

  • body and chassis systems
  • convenience applications
  • driver information
  • infotainment
  • miniaturization
  • motor
  • power train applications
  • safety and security systems
  • recreational transportation
  • agriculture
  • buses
  • constructions
  • vehicles

Automotive, Industrial equipment, commercial transportation, medical solution, aerospace and defense, and other consumer applications are industries that uses TE’s sensors.

  • TE Connectivity Industrial Solutions

This segment is the one that supplies products that connects and distributes power, data, and signals. Industrial, Medical, Aerospace, Defense and Marine (AD&M), and Energy are the following business units in the Industrial Solutions segment of the company.

Diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, tubing, and minimally invasive interventional applications are imaging in the medical industry that uses TE’s products.

The company provides the commercial aerospace industry with components that is being used in the initial stages of the aircraft design and aftermarket support.

Ruggedized electronic interconnects serving military aviation, marine, and ground vehicles including electronic warfare and space systems are TE’s defense products.


TE Connectivity catering in different industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Defense and Military
  • Utilities
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Electric Mobility
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Vehicles

TE Connectivity Products:2

  1. Application Tooling

A quality connection is important in delivering high performance and reliability and helps minimize manufacturing waste.

  1. Terminals and Splices

Their terminal and splices are available in wide variety and array of wire types and sizes.  With their products, it ensures that properly applied crimps meet the best and ultimate performance.

  1. Wire and Cables

Provide and give reliable and accurate power and communication management in numbers of different applications.

TE Connectivity solutions can help meet the requirements for your cable and wire needs for electronics used in the harshest environment and demanding applications.

With the use of these products, it helps you get the right balance of properties for fit, form, function, performance and reliability.

  5. Wirefy– electrical connectors and tools are Wirefy products. They manufacture and retail them for different wiring applications.

Wirefy products is quite popular on amazon because their products have good reviews. They started business because they think that there is a problem with the market of quality heat shrink connectors, wire terminals, and tools.

  • That problem is that the prices of quality products that are present in the market offers are way too expensive, but the cheaper ones are very low on quality.  And that typical connector sets don’t have more variety of connectors to complete most wiring jobs.
  • That’s when Wirefy goes out with one goal in mind and that is to let buyers have an alternative. Wirefy worked very hard with this big desire for buyers to have affordable and high quality products that they can rely on their wiring projects.
  • Wirefy offers an ingenious way and a dependable solution for your electrical wiring needs because they build custom heat-shrinking wiring kits and tools that can be used in many wiring projects such as automotive, marine, industrial, and home projects too.



Product Features and Highlights

  • Super strong crimps
  • Max current flow
  • Easy to shrink
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fast and efficient way to join wires
  • Turns electrical wiring job to fun

WIREFY Products:

  • Connector Kits
  • Crimping tools
  • Connector Assortments
  • Butt Connectors
  • Ring Connectors
  • Spade Connectors
  • Nylon Connectors
  • Solder Seal Connectors
  • Low Voltage Landscape Wires

wirefy wire terminals

  6. Airic– founded in Shanghai, China in 2004. Jiaxing Airic Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the registered name of Airic which is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China where an estimated of 20,000 square meters manufacturing base and the annual output of products is over one billion.

Airic’s workforce includes more than 100 professional working from them. International standard quality approvals such as UL, RoHS, SGS, ISO9001 are the quality approvals Airic got.


Their products are being exported in many countries like Russia, Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and other overseas market. As a technological industries corporation they specialize in many aspects of electrical components and products such as:

  • Cord End Terminals
  • DIN (Deutsches Insitut für Normung eV) Terminals
  • Cable Lugs, Quick Splice Connectors

Their main products are:

  • Non Insulated TKL and TK series Copper Tubular Lugs

A copper tubular conductor with a tin plated finish.


  • Nylon Insulated Cord End and Twin Cord End Terminals

A copper tubular conductor with a tin plated finish and nylon insulation with a tin plated finish.

  • Nylon Insulated (easy entry) Double Crimp Flange Spade Terminals

A copper strip conductor with a copper tubular sleeve and nylon insulation with a tin plated finish.

insulated spade terminals

  • Heat Shrinkable Insulated Butt Splice Connector

A tin plated finish with a dual wall heat shrinkable tube.

heat shrink butt connectors

  • Vinyl Insulated Double Crimp Ring Terminals

A tin plated finish with a copper tubular sleeve and a PVC insulation.

insulated ring terminals

  • Vinyl Insulated Double Crimp Butt Splice Connectors

A copper tubular sleeve with a PVC insulation and a tin plated finish

insulated butt splice connector

The abovementioned were 6 famous Wire Terminal and Connectors Brand. Hope this helps you choose the right one for your wiring projects. And lastly, here are some other brands that’s worth mentioning”

  • Difvan– is a manufacturer from China with 20 years of experience of making wire terminals. Their products include cable lugs, cable ties, crimping tools, heat shrink tubing, terminal strips, heat shrink terminal connectors, and many more. Plus they have their own website where you can find out more about them and see their product line.
  • Cembre– is a manufacturer of electrical compression connectors and related installation. They are one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.
  • E-Volt– is an electrical company which is family owned and operated in the United States.

The Vision of the company is to market the best wire connectors at a low price. E-Volt’s products are Butt Connectors, Wire Connector variety kit, Ring Connectors, Quick disconnect wire connectors, solder seal butt connectors, and Fork connectors.

You can see these brands on many online shops out there like Amazon, ElecDirect, E-bay, and many more and some of these brands have their own website.

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