48 Port Patch Panel

The 48-port patch panel provides double the number of ports on a standard markup unit

Ports clearly numbered both on front and back Labels on front enable each port to be named

Color coded label on back offers both EIA/TIA 568A & 568B wiring Metal frame

  • 48 port patch panel
  • 48 port cat6 patch panel
  • 48 port patch panel 1u

48 patch panel

48 Port Patch Panel

1,48 port patch panel cat5e

2, 48 port cat6 patch panel

3, cat6a patch panel 48 port

1, 48 port patch panel cat5e

48 port patch panel cat5e

2, 48 port cat6 patch panel

patch panel 48 port cat 6

3, cat6a patch panel 48 port

cat6a patch panel 48 port

1, Put the cable into the special stripper tool;

2,Revole the stripper tool,cut off the sheath;

3,Put the correspoding wire to the terminal on the T568B Standard;

4,Put down the wire into the IDC terminal, then cut down the spare wire.

2u patch panel

5, The spare  wire in the picture;

6, Put down another cable by the previous method;

7, Use the ties to bind the cable;

8,Cut down the spare ties.

48 way patch panel

1, Data center/MDF

48 port patch panel wall mount


2, Server room/Computer room

48 port modular patch panel


utp patch panel 48 port

4, Video/Audio

48 port patch panel 2u

DIFVAN have professional experiences in producing different kinds of patch panel, one of the popular type is 48port patch panel.

Twisted-pair patch panels are mostly used for horizontal wiring.

The front panel of the 48 patch panel is used to connect the RJ-45 port of the hub device, and the rear panel is used to connect the twisted pair cable extended from the information socket.

Each panel of the keystone patch panel 48 port comes in traditional 6-port module format with 110-type terminations, and meets and exceeds EIA/TIA TSB-40 Cat5E connecting hardware specifications.

48 way patch panel is made for optimum performance with black electrostatic powder-coated steel and 50 micron gold-plated contacts.

48 port patch panel 1u compatible with cat6a or cat6,cat5e general cable distribution system.

For cable management purposes, labels are provided for naming ports correspondingly.

48 Port patch panel length 19inches height 2U.we always named patch panel 2u.

48 port patch panel wall mount include 48 port patch panel cat5e, 48 port cat6 patch panel,cat6a patch panel 48 port.

You can according your maximum data transfer rate to choose them.

Compared with a 12 port patch panel and patch panel24 port, a 48-port patch panel will have more ports at the same length, so high-density ports can save space and installation costs.

48 port Patch panel is mounted wall and 19 inch rack,to facilitate your installation and maintenance of the cable.


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