12 Port Patch Panel

DIFVAN 12 Port Patch Panel linking a computer to a nearby network hub, switch, or router, a switch to a router.

If you want to set up a wired network that includes multiple wall ports in communication rooms, a patch panel in a central location can provide a simple, neat and easy-to-manage solution.

  • patch panel 12port
  • 12 port cat6 patch panel
  • cat6a patch panel 12 port

12 port cat5e patch panel

12 Port Patch Panel

1,  12 port cat5e patch panel

2, 12 port cat6 patch panel

3, cat6a patch panel 12 port


DIFVAN  Patch panel has many types because the application is different.

  • 12 Port cat5e patch panel

patch panel 12 port cat5e

  • 12 port cat6 patch panel

12 port cat6 patch panel

  • cat6a patch panel 12 port

12 way patch panel






How to install the patch panel?

1, Put the cable into the special stripper tool;

2, Revolve the stripper tool,cut off the sheath;

3, Put the corresponding wire to the terminal on the T568B standard;

4, Put down the wire into the IDC terminal then cut down the spare wire;

mini patch panel wall mount

5, The spare wire in the picture;

6, Punch down another cable by the previous method;

7, Use the ties to bind the cable;

8, Cut down the spare ties;

12 patch panel

Where did the Patch Panel used?

1, Data center/MDF

12 port shielded patch panel

2, Service room/Computer room

vertical patch panel

3, Office/Home

keystone patch panel 12 port

4, Video/Audio

patch panel 12


DIFVAN have professional experiences in producing different kinds of Patch Panel, one of the popular type is 12 Port Patch Panel.

DIFVAN 12 Port Patch Panel also named mini Patch Panel This patch panel is made for optimum performance with black electrostatic powder-coated steel and 50 micron gold-plated contacts.

On the front plate, RJ45 ports are used to directly connect Ethernet copper cable. All ports are numbered for easy identification. In the rear, it’s patch panel module with color markings for punching down Ethernet cable.

DIFVAN Patch Panel 12 compliant with TIA/EIA 568 industry specifications and features both T-568A and T-568B wiring configurations.

Vertical patch panel  height 1U, Length 10 inch.

12 port wall mount patch panel adopt new high pressure resistant flame retardant material(New environmentally friendly plastic),which has good impact resistance and high and low temperature resistance. UL94V-0 fire rating.

keystone patch panel 12 port has thickened steel plate, self-contained cable management frame . It adopts all-metal frame structure and adopts thickened steel plate, which is durable and suitable for all kinds of network engineering wiring.

DIFVAN 12 port patch panel rack mount used in communication room. One is an audio wiring (MDF) shelf, which is mainly used to transmit voice signals. In some security mechanisms, sometimes high-speed data (HDSL) signals are transmitted;

The other is called a digital wiring (DDF) shelf, which is used to transmit 2M digital signals. The signal is used;

The third type is the optical digital distribution frame (ODF), which is a shelf for distributing optical fibers after the optical cable is introduced into the equipment room.

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